How To Download PhotoScape For PC

Download Photoscape App – one of the best photo editing softwares or tools with which you can improve, fix, and enhance your photos, including its quality, size and other attributes.

In this article we are going to show you where to download Photoscape tool for your PC device, so that you can comfortably enhance your photos from the comfort of your computer system.

Photoscape download is completely free and also very easy to download. While photoscape can run on Microsoft Windows, it can also run on Maz OS X, so you never have to worry about your device operating system.

Features Of Photoscape Download for PC

1. Here are some important key features to enjoy when you download Photoscape software to your PC;

Other editing features include;

  • White balancing
  • Balloons
  • Backlight corrections
  • Cropping
  • Drawing pictures
  • Adding filters and many more

2. Photo Editor – With photoscape, you can edit your photos by means of adjusting the photo color, resizing, adding frames.

3. Image Viewer – Photoscape enables you create a slideshow and also view photos in your folder.

4. You can combine multiple photos on the page frame to have one final photo.

5. Create Animated GIF – You can create a final animated photo from use of multiple photos.

6. When you download photoscape to your PC, you can split your photo into several pieces.

7. You can also screen shot and save using Photoscape.

8. Zooming image is possible, also search and pick color.

Click Here To Start downloading >> PhotoScape For PC

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