How To Get More likes On Facebook..

Welcome to this interesting tip on how to get more likes on Facebook. It does not matter whether young or old, these tips will definitely gain you more likes as long as you do them right.

While you are not limited to this tip, they can help fetch you or get more likes on Facebook posts and updates that you make.

So, let us look below on couple of things you can do to get more likes on Facebook posts.

1. Post The Right Things.

To get more likes on Facebook you must learn to post the right things. Look out for something interesting and funny to post. Blend this with good pieces of advice and tips from time to time.

2. Post More Photos & Videos.

It has been long known that visuals get more attention compared to wordy posts. So try making video and photo posts more often, while also including catchy and interesting comments that will make your friends and audience watch such posts.

You can never ignore this tip, it is sure a great way to get more likes on Facebook posts. Also try tagging your friends to your posts, as people like to feel involved. This goes a long way to get their attention.

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3. Post Often.

One of the easiest ways on to get more likes on Facebook is by posting often on Facebook. This way you are always visible to your Facebook friends and so also your posts, by that friends cannot but notice your posts and then offer some level of likes.

Let me be quick to say this, note that too much of everything especially within a short period of time is bad; Thus, while you post often, remember not to post too often, as this can can get them tired of you feeding their News feed, which can lead them into hiding you from their Timeline or even unfriending you.

While you post, aim to post interesting and funny status, while you also include photos and video.

N|B: 1 to two posts per day is enough to gain you the engagement you desire as long as you post the right things.

4. Keep Things Short & Interesting.

Facebook is a social platform and not your blog. So avoid long descriptive things on what you have done and what you have not done. People are lazy and sometimes hate to read long stories.

Thus, keeping things short and convey the same information as concisely as possible. Simply go straight to the point!

5. Ask Interactive Questions.

Another way you can get more likes on Facebook posts is by asking interactive questions and requesting suggestions from people. This could be very engaging.

Avoid questions about things that are too personal like “how does this picture make me look”, but instead you can ask people for that “New joint down the town”.

And ensure you do not abuse question system.

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6. Liking Other People’s Posts.

Sometimes people tend to hold back in liking other people’s post, sometimes because they feel they do not know each other in physical cases, and do not want to appear weird.

So you can break this norm by liking some people’s post first. And building such a mutual “liking” relationship earns you those Facebook likes you want on your posts.

Avoid liking posts that could make you look weird, such things like when people post things about break up relationships, and how happy they are about it, liking such when you are not close to the person as to understand things behind the broken relationship, that could make you look weird. So you can avoid liking such posts.

7. Sound Funny.

People love to be entertained, including people on Facebook. So try to think about things that are funny and post them. This definitely gets people attention and get them liking your post. And this is exactly what you want, to get more like on Facebook posts you have made.

If you can’t be funny on your own, then search and use other people humor instead.

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8. Cheat.

This involves posting some trickery stuffs. Some of them help you get more likes on Facebook, such tricks as “Like for a number” in which case when people or anyone likes the status or post, you simply inbox them an assigned number, which you would also comment in the comment box, and then say one complimentary thing about the number. By that you are complimenting the person which you have assigned the number. For example, if John likes the post and you inbox John “5” and then in the comment box you also drop the number “5 – the coolest guy I have ever been with” – that way John will know you are talking about him.

Do same for everyone and when people notice the game, they tend to follow suit and take actions by liking your posts.

Hope the article was helpful?