Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy – This article is aimed at enlightening you about foods to avoid during pregnancy. Most of these food materials are very beneficial to the health every pregnant woman, but must be consumed in the right away. And when such is not done, it could lead to health danger of the woman, and or even the unborn baby. Because of this reason, we decided to brig to you couple of unhealthy foods to avoid during pregnancy, and if it must consumed, it must be well cooked, and pasteurized in the case of milk. Let’s look at the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

1. Under-cooked Meat;

While pregnant, avoid raw and under-cooked foods of animal origin, such as red beef meet, pork, certain uncooked bush meet. This is because some of them maybe contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms that cannot be killed with simple washing, and as such requires proper cooking.

2. Smoked Fishes;

Smoked fishes such as salmon, among others should be avoided during pregnancy. As much as these foods are rich in proteins, and as such are good to eat, they should be well cooked, as it is safe to eat them in cooked form. Cooking them does justice to the food by killing some harmful bacteria which they may have been contaminated with.

3. Raw Milk;

Pregnant women should try as much as possible to avoid taking raw milk, and even other dairy products made from unpasteurized milk. This is because unpasteurized milk and products are usually contaminated with listeria, a bacteria that causes food poisoning.

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4. Raw Eggs;

Poultry products such as eggs should not be eaten raw. Cautions should be taken as to avoid even foods that contains raw eggs or other raw poultry products. It is often safer to cook or pateurize them before eating. Cooking or pasteurizing eggs or other such products goes along way to kill certain microbes like the Salmonella which is a bacteria that cause food poisoning.

5. Alcohol;

Every woman in her pregnancy should avoid alcohol intake. This is because alcohol poses danger to the development of the foetus. As a matter of fact, there is no quantity of alcohol that is good for the baby and mother during pregnancy and even breastfeeding, as high amount of this can cause fetal alcohol disorder.

6. Seafood With Mercury;

Seafood with mercury such as king mackerel, tilefish, shark should be avoided during pregnancy.This is because such chemical is very dangerous to the baby as it can affect the baby’s development, nervous system and its brian development.

7. Deli Meat;

Pregnant women are advised to avoid deli meat as deli meat has been found to be contaminated with the bacteria listeria. Listeria is capable of travelling through the blood and can cause miscarriage, or in order case, harm the baby development. Listeria effects can be life threatening.

8. All fishes Exposed to Industrial pollutants;

Women in their pregnant period are strongly advised to avoid seafoods which have been fetched from water bodies with high industrial contaminants.Such water bodies include rivers, lake and streams that are situated close to industrial pollutants.

9. Unpasteurized Milk;

Unpasteurized milk shoud be avoided as it be contaminated with listeria. As pregnant woman, if you must take milk, ensure it well pasteurized.

10. Unwashed Food Materials;

Certain food materials, vegetables and  fruits good for pregnant women, including apple, grapes, apricots, should not be consumed unwashed. As much as they are beneficial to pregnant women, they must be properly washed before consumption to avoid contaminants from farm.

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