Foods That Cause Bloating To The Body.

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the foods that cause bloating to the body. This is because some of these foods contain high natural sugars and sweeteners, and some other nutrients which our body cannot digest.

Accordingly, our body does not have the enzymes necessary to digest some of these foods that cause bloating and their nutrients…so they end up in the body large intestines where they are acted upon by the body bacteria which then cause gas and bloating.

As much as avoiding these foods does not cause you to lose weight, they help you reduce bloating and then look slimmer.

1. Apple:

Apples are good example of foods that cause bloating in the body. Apples contain sugars such as fructose, sorbitol and even fiber. Some many people are intolerant to sorbitol, i.e their body does not digest such sugar and this definitely causes bloating.

2. Popcorn:

Consuming much popcorn can cause the stomach to expand, and there is no particular thing that makes this popcorn cause such bloating. Although some people blend popcorn with sugar, and this in real sense can cause bloating.

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3. Watermelon:

Water melon contains much water in addition to high fructose which gives the fruit its sweet quality. Some people cannot digest the sugar fructose, making Watermelon one of such foods that cause bloating as such does not have the enzyme that can break it down.

4. Dairy Food Products:

Dairy products, usually are among foods that cause bloating, this is because they are associated with digestion issues, which results from the inability to tolerate or digest the group of sugar called lactose. Lactose are major contents of dairy food products.

Such people who are lactose intolerant have the problem of digesting this natural sugar lactose, as they do not have the enzyme which can catalyze the digestion process.

Such dairy products include cheese, milk….but one can opt for such substitutes like soy milk or almond milk which are recommended for those intolerant to lactose sugar.

5. Cruciferous Vegetables:

Cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, Kale contain raffinose, and this is a type of carbohydrate which the body does not have the enzymes that would digest them.

Bacteria in the body usually ferment on such food materials which then causes gas and bloating.

6. Alcohol:

Alcohol is not left in the list of foods that cause bloating. Alcohol causes the body to retain water and also causes constipation, which leaves one feeling bloated.

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7. Legume:

Legumes include peas, beans, soybeans etc.They are rich in protein and also high in fiber. While they are good for the body, the body doesn’t not easily digest fibers, leaving them for the activities of bacteria in the body, there by causing gas and bloating.

Because of this, legumes are considered such foods that cause bloating and to avoid this, opt for legumes with whole grains such as rice or quinoa which are easy to digest.

8. Flavored Yogurt:

Flavored yogurts are usually rich in high sugar which increase fermentation leading to gas and bloating. But plain yogurts can actually be of help to the stomach as they contain probiotics necessary to regulate digestion.

9. Carbionated Beverages:

Bubbles contained in these drinks cause the body to inflate, leading to bloating. Moreover, these beverages contain sugar be it soda, sparkling water or any sort of such beverage.

10. Foods High In Sodium:

Salt is one food substance rich in sodium, and high consumption of salt can lead to the body retaining excess water. When the body holds on to much water, it causes bloats.

Other packaged and processed food with high amounts of sodium are pre-made sauces, deli meats, canned soups etc.