10 Popular And Free Antivirus For Android Mobile Phones

Free Antivirus For Android – Android mobile phones are just popular today with millions of users all around the world, its emergence in the world has brought about so many other applications developed today to enhance its operation and performance. These applications include antivirus and security apps among many others. Many of them which are free whereas others are paid for.

These free antivirus for android phones offer huge protection to mobile phone devices. They prevent and fight viruses which attack and damage phones, including malwares, spywares and other malicious files. Some of them scan devices, protect privacy, boost device performance and even as much as help in locating lost devices. All these features among many others make Antivirus such an indispensable and important apps for mobile phones today.

Having said, we list below the popular, best and free Antivirus for Android smartphones which can offer reasonable protection to your mobile device. They include the following:

1. TrustGo Antivirus;

This Antivirus offers strong antivirus function, protecting and securing your mobile device. It gives you full control over your android mobile device.

The app is designed to thoroughly scan the device as well as files and contacts, detecting and handling malicious content, thereby giving the protection your device needed. It performs other function like blocking unwanted phone calls and messages, among other great functions.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Security;

Kaspersky Mobile Security is one of the most popular free antivirus for android in the world of antivirus applications for android mobile phones. In offering real-time protection, the software secures your mobile device against virus that would cause harm to your device.

While it protects the device, its anti-theft property also help locate the phone in the event of loss. The app secures the device by also scanning the device and files to detect and handle virus, malwares and other malicious contents.

This app comes in two versions, free version and paid version just like most of its counterparts.

3. Comodo Mobile Security (CM Security)

CM Security is offering exclusive mobile security for mobile phone devices. It protects the offers protection against intruders who want to access private information and data.
The app protects the device from malicious infections, malwares, spywares and viruses. The app enables you protect your files and keep them safe including photos and videos as well as contacts. It is built in a way that it allows you block calls and text you do not want to receive.

It offers real-time protection, scans device, apps and files against harmful threats.

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4. McAfee Mobile Security;

A very powerful antivirus software for both the android device and tablets. McAfee Mobile Security protects mobile device to a great extent. The anti-theft features enable you remotely locate the device when lost.

It is designed to take photos of intruders who try to access your device at back. The app helps you block call and SMS you do not want to entertain and it also offer great privacy protection among many other features and function it performs.

Interestingly, this free antivirus for android app is also a power booster as it serves as battery optimizer as well performance optimizer, estimating remaining battery life and helping your device last long. It speeds up your device and cleans up unwanted background apps.

5. Norton mobile Security;

Norton mobile security is another popular antivirus app in the list. The app fully protects the device against viruses, malwares and spywares, there offering high protection to the device. While protecting your device from viruses and the rest, it also protects your privacy by protecting personal information from sites and apps that tend to gain access to private information and data.

The anti-theft feature makes it possible to locate your device should it is stolen or gets lost. Norton Mobile security app lets you clean up or wipe phone device contents in the case of stealing. This keeps your privacy fully protected. Go premium and access a lot more features including blockage of unwanted calls and SMS.

6. AVG Antivirus App;

AVG Antivirus app is a known security app with millions of downloads round the world. One of the most popular antivirus apps, protecting devices against harmful viruses, spywares, malwares and more.

The built in privacy features protects you against privacy violation, helping keep your personal data safe. It kills tasks that slow down the device thereby optimizing the performance of the mobile device. it optimizes the battery, storage and data package usage.

AVG serves comes with feature which enables you lock your applications such that no other person can access them. Also hide your photos and videos. It is capable of scanning your your device and files, detecting and handling malicious contents. With the app, you can remotely locate your device on google map in the event of loss.

7. Avira Antivirus Security;

Avira Antivirus app offers real-time protection against malicious infections. It protects the device against viruses, malwares and spywares. The app runs its security by scanning the mobile device, apps, files including the external memory card. This it does to detect harmful contents and handles them on the go.

Built with anti-theft features, it enables you locate your device in the cases of stealing or loss. With the anti-theft feature you can remotely locate the device and as well delete its content. This feature ensures that your privacy is not at any risk even in the event of loss.

All your photos, videos, contacts are all protected from mobile threats. The identity Safeguard monitors for web and email attack. The app also comes with the blacklisting feature among many others.

8. 360 Security- Antivirus

360 Security app is not a new antivirus app to great number of users. It is one popular antivirus apps that secures device and optimizes device performance.

The app boosts memory,cleans junk files and caches, saves battery power. It Anti-theft features allows you locate the loss device, built in a way that also enables you erase or delete contents when lost so that your privacy is safely protected.

360 Security Antivirus is one app to have, offering real-time protection, capable of scanning installed apps, scans files and device to handle malicious contents, viruses, malwares and more. The app also lets you lock your sensitive apps, photos, videos and more.

9. Avast Mobile Security:

This mobile security app is one of the most popular antivirus apps. It is not just one of the most popular, it is one of the best you can rely on and worth trying. It offer real time protection. It protects devices by running thorough scanning of the mobile device, the apps and files, detects malicious contents that would harm the mobile phone device and fixes them.

The app protects the device even while you surf the web and browse through you favorite websites. The anti-theft features lets you easily locate your device should it is stolen. With the app you can block unwanted calls and texts, what a great way to take full charge and control of your mobile device.

10. Lookout Security & Antivirus;

Lookout security & antivirus offers great range of device protection against viruses, malware, spywares and more – giving real time protection!

The app is designed to help find your phone when lost while offering protection on your privacy and personal information.

With the app you can fully scan your device against virus and other malicious contents. As well scan your contact and also back them up, so you can download the copy at any time – simply with the lookout security.

Go premium and enjoy great functionality of lookout security app,in addition to protecting your device. The theft alert enables you get an email with photo and location whenever there is suspicion of the phone device being stolen.

You can download any of the listed free antivirus for android app on google play Store.