Reasons Why Study In Germany Universities.

Why Study In Germany – Germany is one country with rich and complex history, housing fun and loving citizens. No doubt, this is one thing almost every student seems to crave for, such a welcoming environment that lets you relax and cope with the whole academic stress.

Universities in Germany have been ranked among the best in Europe and worldwide, offering quality, innovative and International programs for even Internationals students. Such every student and professional dream.

Among low tuition, affordable accommodation, cheap transportation, there are other benefits and reason you should choose German as place of study while choosing Universities abroad. To answer the question on why study in Germany, let’s look below.


Low Tuition Fee:

Compared to other developed countries neighboring Germany, Germany has relatively low cost of education fee.

German has made education free even in October 2014, a benefit which do not favor citizens only, but International students too. Maybe because Germany has always been known to pride on building experts and professionals for global market.

While free tuition is usually applied only to undergraduates, public Universities students are required to pay only semester contributions which covers free access to public transportation, within the region.

Nevertheless, free tuition is not applicable to private Universities in the country as there is no standard tuition fee, as this varies from institution to institution.

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International Degree Programs:

Germany is known for its high quality of education system which has been seen in high number of International students constantly enrolling to study in Germany.

Although Germany offer courses in German languages, they ensure International students are never left out in receiving quality skill and learning. Germany system of education has been designed in a way that it incorporates International study programs in its curricula – major programs Germany system of education holds high!

As per what you may not obtain in some other places, Germany higher education institutions are designed in four different categories, all which offer graduate and post-graduate programs to International students based on students’ interest, mode of studying and purpose.

The four Higher Education Categories include;

  • Universities – Which has remained the most prestigious even world-wide, operating by means of classical approach to academia and research.
  • Technical Universities – This is also known as Hochschule in German language, with focus on technology and engineering valuing, than only in theory, but also through the art of practical training. This category in its total belief and ethics, focuses on the practical skills the students will acquire during studies.
  • Colleges of Fine Arts, Film & Music – Admissions into this category is usually on special requests and interest; as this one focuses mainly rare talents.
  • The Universities of Applied Sciences regarded as applied social sciences and humanities.

It could be seen that Germany system of education is not lagging or lacking in qualities even for International students.

Enjoy high standard and organized study programs, with courses taught in English, with additional German language courses which is an added advantage to International students.


Affordable Accommodation:

In a general sense, just as is obtainable, students residence is usually affordable, especially when compared to rentals. This is applicable to accommodations in Germany, though one can not compare the quality of rentals to that students’ residence.

Although residence may be affordable, students would still have to face the challenges of choosing who shares the hall with who. In any case, ensure you make your plans in time regarding accommodation; while in the case of private accommodation, choose areas closer to school to save yourself the stress of to and fro miles to campus on daily basis.

Always look out for notices around the campus for vacant accommodations so you can opt for one. And should you need a private or whole apartment you can afford, bring to the notice of student union at your school for information and directives on such.

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Travel Europe On A student visa:

All European students who want to study in Germany enjoys same right a German citizen enjoys on the basis of free entry and the opportunity to study and work in the country without any additional permits.

Should you are not, then you have to apply for a Schengen Visa as long as you want to study in Germany. Unless you are enrolled on a summer school language program, you will need to apply for a student visa that allows you to reside in Germany for more than 90 days and also get a residency permit to become able to live and move around the country. The residency permit will also allow you to travel visa free in the whole Schengen Area, which makes for a wonderful opportunity to visit the countries you are interested in within the time-frame.

To obtain student visa, certain criteria need to be met and you will have to inform necessary authorities prior to your departure if you are traveling to Europe on such a permit.


Mandatory Health Insurance:

Before you enroll in any University in Germany, you need to consider the health insurance issues before moving to study in the country. This is because you must be required to have such health insurance in order for you to reside in Germany and study there-in. As a matter of fact, you will not be able to study in a University in Germany if you do not purchase health insurance which covers basic healthcare service.

Another thing you need to consider if you will be traveling to Europe, is if the Health Insurance policy you are purchasing has international access to the EU/ Schengen State health care in case of any emergencies. Most insurance companies offer such a deal so you just have to be vigilant about it.

There are two of this insurance, the public and the private one; of which the public insurance is usually recommended to students as this is cheaper with suitable coverage.

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Learning New Language;

Studying in Germany as International student avails you the opportunity to learn a new new language the German. While there, you will discover so many reasons you should learn the language.

Most of the great scientist and engineers spoke and wrote German. In fact Germans are world leaders in engineering. German is among the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world. It is also a lingua franca of Central and Eastern Europe. You will find numerous reasons to really learn German as new language while in the country as a student.

German language is uniquely wonderful, and we definitely recommend learning it.


The Opportunity of Dual Studies.

Combination of studying and working has proven to be a success when it comes to innovative study approach. This usually allows students to put into display and practice the acquired theoretical knowledge gathered in University classroom learning, Academic or professional schools.

Without doubt, this method has actually given room to early entrepreneurship and early emancipation, which makes positive impact to individual and society at large.

In getting accepted in a dual study program, students need to be in possession of a valid high school diploma, equivalent to the certificate for entrance in Germany. Additional to the diploma, German language skills, an academic level in this case, is required in order to proceed the admission request.

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Revelation Of Culture:

Germany is diverse and has great iconic figures which has defined the country from the early past. Being in the heart of Europe, reveals more the cultural background of Germany to the world.

There are so many activities, unique and different in their own ways, which make the country ever fascinating at all time. As a student in Germany, you are never bored, as there is always something for everyone irrespective your location or city in Germany; there series of arts, yoga, festivals, outdoor sports, latest cinematic, Italian foods, opera, rock & roll and the rest of them.

No matter the study overloads, you will still find time to go around the country to see things and feed your eyes with the beauty of the country. While in Germany, never forget to bring gift along when invited for the first time at some German home, and always be punctual to schedules and learn honesty practice…..Germany has a great culture you will definitely enjoy as student in the country.