Mark Zuckerberg Surprises Ohio Family, Dines with Moore!

Mark Zuckerberg surprised Ohio family when he stepped on Moore door step, discussed so many things including politics..

According to report released by TMZ, a Facebook staffer, called on Daniel Moore on phone, asking Moore whether “wealthy philanthropist who works in California” could join them over for a meal in Moore” house.

This was a mystery guest who has been going around country meeting middle class families, discussing divergent issues.

Moore couldn’t believe his eyes when Mark Zuckerberg was on his door step on Friday night….this Moore described as a “jaw-dropping moment”.

It was gathered they discussed on so many things, which include even why Moore and family voted the present Donald Trump government, and how there is no high-paying manufacturing jobs; in which Zuckerberg agreed to so many things discussed.

Mark catered for the foods and rest of the things they dinned and enjoyed together in Moore family while revealing he has no political aspiration at this point in time.

Remember how Zuckerberg challenged himself to visit with people in all the states to see how they live, and this he said in January and which he intends to do for this year.

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