Reason Phyno ignored everybody at the Headies Award Event.

The prestigious Headies Award has come and gone with so many “nose-sniffing” The event had some nominees present even as some appeared late to the event, many were completely absent. Held in Eko Hotel and Suite, Lagos on Thursday 22nd December 2016.

Though there was no such drama fall-out like the one witnessed in the last edition last year 2015, where Olamide “badoo” and Oga Don Jazzy were taking shots at each other, leading to series of twitter “combat.”

phyno ignored everybodyPhyno

But what seemed to be series of arrogance and negligence have left many wondering and talking regarding this very edition of the event, ranging from Tekno refusal to participate in any of the Headies award pre-activities, which led to the complete disqualification of the singer.

Another big surprise blew up during the event, among fans and guests who cheered Phyno when he was called on the stage for his award over his hit song “fada fada” which won the song of the year category. Phyno was cheered got got his fans thrown off balance when he collected the and refused making comment, instead he said he had nothing to say and just added “Thank you.”

Phyno reluctantly walked out of stage after collecting the award, while following the wrong pathway off the stage. He went back to his seat instead of walking through the backstage as other award winners.

The big questions now are
Why did phyno walk back to his seat without going through the backstage. Why did he refuse to give comments. Could it be he was not satisfied with the award or what? Was that act of arrogance and pride. Could it be phyno ignored everybody ? What could be the reason?

Anybody with the answer could let us know, while using the comment box below.