Unsuspecting tourists Wheeled Into Oscars, left speechless as they meet A-list Stars

Unsuspecting tourists Wheeled Into Oscars – Jimmy Kimmel pulled off one of the coolest stunts in the history of the Oscars on Sunday night.

Tourists taking an open-deck bus tour of Hollywood’s sights pulled up outside the Dolby Theatre where the Academy Awards were taking place.

The daring gag made instant stars out of Gary Allen Cole and his fiancee Vicky from Chicago.

Some very lucky tourists taking a bus tour in Hollywood were pleasantly surprised after their bus made an unexpected stop and they were led into the Dolby Theatre were the Oscars was taking place, giving them a chance to meet with all the stars present at the Academy Awards.
The stunt had been planned by Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the Award, with the help of the tour bus guide who went on to tell the tourists that they were stopping for an exhibit. Unaware of what was about to happen, the tourists went in and needless to say, were shocked at the scene that greeted them. Most of them were unable to hide the shock on their faces as they beheld the sight.

Unsuspecting tourists Wheeled Into Oscars

The tourists were ushered to the front of the Theatre where they hugged and took photos with the stars. Two of the tourists, Gary Allen Cole and Vicky from Chicago informed Kimmel that they were engaged to be married, prompting Kimmel to ask Vicky who her favorite actor was. She pointed to Denzel Washington and got a second surprise when Denzel came forward to wed them both and pronounce them “husband and wife” then asked Gary to kiss his new bride.

Kimmel also told Jennifer Aniston to check in her purse for a wedding gift for the newly wed couple and Jennifer, did, producing a gold framed designer sunglasses which Vicky immediately wore. Vicky also got to meet Ryan Gosling who leaned in to whisper something in her ears and the look on her face was epic, such that it has become a very hot topic on Twitter with people coming up with suggestions of what Gosling could have whispered to her.

The tourists also hugged and kissed Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Mahershala Ali, the first Muslim actor to win the Academy Awards. Mahershala let the tourists hold his statuette and take photos with it.

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Unsuspecting tourists Wheeled Into Oscars

Unsuspecting tourists Wheeled Into Oscars

Unsuspecting tourists Wheeled Into Oscars