10 Top Things You Should Not Do In Miami.

Things You Should Not Do In Miami.

1. Do not involve in hard illicit drug & Smoking:

You must realize that illegal drug is common in Miami as well as smoking…but hey, do not get caught in the act. Even if it is habitual, remember you do not want to end up in that tight room.

The next guy to you who appear like your kind of game friend could to turn be your nightmare (there are cops who dress as Rastafarians). Thus avoid avoid illicit drug and smoking while in Miami, if you must do, do it in your hotel…..and not in public.

2. Avoid Miami in Summer:

You may want to avoid coming to Miami in the Summer; usually, it is extremely hot this period. Although the best time is around October, November through February, but coming along with AC wouldn’t be a bad idea for you.

3. No sex on the beach, not even in the champagne room:

No matter the urge and, irrespective of the how attractive the partner, Miami is no place in the Europe despite how tolerable, sex is not just allowed on the beach, and not even in that club too. Lest you spend some time with other ill characters downtown. If you must satisfy the urge use your hotel room.

4. Never Fail to use some sunscreen:

Miami can be so hot and you do not want to look older than your age, thus, while going out ensure you use some sunscreen.

5. Do not drive in Miami:

To help maintain your calm and sanity, and avoid the stress of traffic in Miami, learn to take buses to save yourself the hours of anger in the traffic. Moreover, some of these drivers in Miami can be so temperamental that you don’t want their stress. So take up metro or bus, relax and get to your destination observing things.

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6. Do not take taxis while in Miami:

Taxis in Miami are extremely expensive, so avoid the rip off, and enjoy the bus system instead. The buses in Miami will definitely take you to all the necessary places you want to go while saving you more money compared to taxis.

7. No beer on South Beach:

Whether you are driving or taking a walk in Miami, avoid taking beers while you stroll especially along the South Beach. Miami has got some restriction on this…and of course you don’t want to be arrested.

8. Do not impress with that new language you are learning:

Are you just learning that new language from your Spanish friend..or simply any other language? Practice it when you are with them at home.

Do not take opportunity to try out the new language in the car, or anywhere in Miami. You are more likely to offend and get slapped as even Spanish residents of Miami can take embarrassment and you already know they can easily get upset. Everyone in Miami speaks English, so go with what works.

9. Avoid eating in fancy restaurants:

Most of the fancy restaurants along South Beach are way far expensive and over priced. Instead, try out those truck food, they are delicious and tastes even better…just save yourself some money.

10. Do not help anyone with their extra luggage in the Airport:

You don’t want to be involved in some illegal acts or fall victim of what you knew nothing about. Do not help anyone who asks you to check in one of their extra luggage while in the Airport, as you do not know what’s the content there-of.

11. Do not fall for the tranny:

Avoid picking any girl up in the streets of Miami especially at night. Some of them are just transvestites or undercover cops. And you don’t want to end up kissing and feeling that fellow dude.