Apply for DV Visa – DV lottery Registration Requirements

Apply for DV Visa – DV lottery Registration Requirements

The DV visa program is an annual program generated by the United States of America though the Immigration Department to serve independently, applicants who met the simple but strict requirements, visa to migrate permanently into the United States. The Visa however, are shared randomly based on some certain criteria, but countries that has a low rate of immigration are given the larger share.

On this page, we shall be showing you all the DV lottery registration requirements, after reading the words on this page, you will come to find out when to apply for dv visa lottery, where to apply and what It take to apply responsively.

Applicant who submitted application for the Diversity Visa program last year will be migrated next year as announced. Then the new applicant and those who have not applied yet are to find out the new dv lottery registration requirements so that they can apply effectively.

Diversity Visa Review

A visa is an approval in form of signature, stamp etc. placed on the applicant’s passport, of which serves as a permit for the applicant to move permanently or temporally into the country. In the United States, according to the U.S immigration laws, all those wishing to enter into the state must apply for a visa which is open for an approval or disapproval.

A consulates according to the U.S immigration law is served the right to either accept or reject a visa. A visa when rejected cannot gain the applicant a right to migrate, however, the applicants still have the right to reapply, after making correction of what is seen wrong.

Similarly, a diversity visa is an approval or a permit to travel into the United States for free, without any extra measures and criteria. Individuals who meet up with the requirements or selected to migrate into the United States are treated specially. Them and their families will be migrated together if they wills. Also, they will be given a job, allowed to school and live like a normal U.S citizens.

Good to note: About 50,000 individuals are migrated from six geographical regions into the united via this program. However, applicants will have to meet up with the simple requirements before they qualify.

Who can apply for a DV Lottery?

  • Applicants who are not from the countries tagged ineligible countries
  • Anyone who wants to migrate to the united states
  • A students, worker, job seekers, farmers
  • Someone who has completed an elementary and secondary school.

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Ineligible Countries

If you are from any of the countries listed below, the you are not expected to apply for a DVlottery visa. This countries are tagged ineligible because they have a higher rate of migration into the United States. So, do not do the DV lottery registration if you are from any of them; except….

  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada,
  • China (mainland-born)
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic,
  • El Salvador,
  • Haiti, India
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Peru
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories,
  • and Vietnam. (Please Note that: Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are eligible.)

DV lottery Registration Requirements

If you are from any of these countries which are not eligible to apply, you can still apply if.

  • One of your parents are not from the ineligible country and so you will claim the right of your parent.
  • You can still apply if you are living in the ineligible country but you are not from there.
  • Apply also if you are married to someone who is not from the ineligible country, so you can claim the right of migration by marriage.
  • Apply if you have a child who is not from the ineligible country.

DV lottery Registration Form Analysis

  1. Applicants full name – Surname, First name and then any other name
  2. Date of birth of the applicant.
  3. Gender – female or male
  4. City – where you are born
  5. Country of your birth – Write the name of the country where you are born, remember this is not the country you are to claim for your right. So if you were born in an ineligible country but want to use the country of either your parent or your wife, for your registration, simply put here your country of birth.
  6. Country of Eligibility – You are now to put in this space the country you want to claim right from, So if you were born in an ineligible country, but want to claim right of eligibility using your spouse or your parent country, you can enter such country name in this space.
  • Photographs – read carefully instructions as regards photographs and oblige by it.
  • mobile phone number must be valid, you can enter additional number in case
  • Country of residence – this is where you are currently living
  • Valid email address – create a yahoo or Gmail account etc, if you are having any problem receiving mails from the ones you have. However, note that you will not receive any official selection via your mail, but information concerning your application may be communicated to your via that platform
  • Enter your highest level of education – primary, secondary, university etc.
  • Number of children – Make sure you are specific while writing this especially if you want your children to migrate with you. Do not claim you have 10 when you have 5, also do not claim you have less when you have more. Whatever you indicated in this application may not be change later.
  • Marital status – Are you married, single or divorced.
  • Spouse information – date of birth of your spouse, spouse full name, gender, full name of country and city, recent photograph
  • Children information.

Application Dates

If you want to apply for the on-going DV lottery program, apply using the times below






October 3Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4)
November 6Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4)

Applicants are enjoined to apply on time, before the closing date so as to avoid much traffic that may hinder or bounce back their application.

How much is DV Lottery Registration?

The Diversity visa program is a free program from the United States of America through the department of immigration. All application and elections process is free of charge. For further enquires on when to apply and all the full list of requirements, visit their websites.

DV Lottery Application Websites