Basic Facebook Privacy Settings For Every Facebook User.

Basic Facebook Privacy Settings!

Learn Basic Facebook Privacy Settings – Facebook platform comes as a community with members or users ranging to billions…most importantly with millions of active users at a particular point in time on daily bases. On such a social community platform interaction becomes inevitable even as far as sharing personal information.

Facebook on its own side to protect every user from unnecessary divulging of one’s personal information without the person’s permission, has enabled series of settings to keep users privacy intact. This they have done by the availability Facebook privacy settings.

Basic Facebook privacy settings allow one set up one’s profile to ones suitability, condition and purpose. Even as much as enabling you determine who sees your Facebook activities including status updates you post, the photos you share, videos and many more.

Thus, with Facebook Privacy settings you can determine to make your profile, personal information and couple of things “Public” in which case anyone at all can see them irrespective of whether they are your Facebook friends or not. Another setting allow you keep somethings to “Friends” in which case only your Facebook friends can see them. You can also choose particular set of people who see such information (Custom) by simply customizing such information. You can decide to keep things to yourself such that only you can see such particular information, posts, photos or videos.

In this article, we have designed for you the basic Facebook privacy settings to enable you set up your Facebook profile the way you so choose; such that other users only see the things you want them to see including your personal information, status updates, photos, videos and rest.


Basic Facebook Privacy Settings.

1. Accessing The Privacy Settings & Tools Panel:

There are different Facebook settings, while some of them can be accessed through different avenues, one can also simply access most through the Facebook ‘Privacy Settings and Tools’ panel. They allow you make changes to who can see your stuff, who can contact you, and even who can look you up through your provided phone number and email.

( image 1 )

Facebook Privacy

To access the Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools, simply click on the drop-down “lock icon” just at the top right corner of your Facebook home page (See image 1, above), then click on ‘Settings’ and then look up at your left to see “privacy” among the list of menu; click on “Privacy” and then select your desired privacy setting.

2. Audience Settings When Posting:

Facebook offers you the ground to select audience for your post. What this means is that while you make your post, you can simply select who would see such a post; either ‘Public’, ‘Friends’, ‘Groups’, ‘Custom’(Specific individuals). There is also an additional option for selecting if you would like only yourself see the post you make.

( image 2 )

Facebook Privacy

To make use of audience when posting, simply write your post the normal way you write post, and then click on the drop-down icon which is directly left to the blue “Post” button. Then from the list of the drop-down menu(Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom), decide and choose the audience you want them to see the status update.


3. Controlling Timeline And Tagging Settings:

This side of Facebook Privacy settings deals on controlling who posts to your Timeline and who sees things posted to your Timeline while enabling manage the tags and tags suggestions.

To adjust the Timeline and Tagging settings in order to control who can add or post things to your Timeline, who can see things on your Timeline, and also manage tags people add as well as tagging settings; Simply, look up on image 1, above and observe the arrow 2 pointing to “Privacy”, just directly under “Privacy is the “Timeline and Tagging”, click on it to adjust your Timeline and tagging set up.

( image 3 )

Facebook Privacy

Like said before, you can adjust who posts to your timeline, who can see posts on your Timeline and the rest…just click on the “Edit” at the right end side of each option to adjust the setting.


4. Controlling Personal Information:

Facebook houses so many information, including users personal information. Just in the “About” section reviews most of the users  personal information, including gender, birth details, work, education, family members and more. It then becomes necessary to adjust who sees some of this personal information.

To control who sees the information within the “About” section, simply click on “About” tab blow your cover photo while you are on your Timeline. Then click on the gray “Edit” button in the the top-right corner of the section bearing the information you intend to edit, followed by Audience selector located directly to the right of the information. The choose the audience from the drop-down menu and Facebook will automatically save the changes when you are done.


5. Hiding Your Friends, Followers And Following Lists:

To make Friends lists private, click the “About” section below your cover photo while on your Timeline. Scroll down to your friends list, click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of your friends box, and select Edit Privacy from the drop-down menu. The, choose whether you would like your friends list to remain public, only visible to your friends, or only you. You can even specify individuals using the Custom option. Also follow the process for your followers and things you follow.

6. To Create Custom Friends Group

To create custom friend group, simply click on “Groups” from the list of menu at the left side of your Facebook home page (News Feed). (See image 4, below )

( image 4 )

Facebook Privacy

Then click on green ” + Create Group”

Then name the group you want to create, add friend by typing their name or email address.

After which, you select below, the Privacy for your group; which could be either “Close Group”, “Public Group” or Secret Group”.

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