COVID-19 – Facebook Will Notify You With Pop-ups Before You Share Articles About COVID-19

COVID19 – Facebook Will Notify You With Pop-ups Before You Share Articles About COVID-19: Facebook is willing to take preliminary steps to make it harder for misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic to spread. The social media giant will begin surfacing a new pop-up that displays any time a user shares a link to content about COVID-19.

This notification will contain a link to the company’s coronavirus information center and include details about how old the article is and when it was first shared. The company launched a similar update, that shows similar warnings when users share old news articles, in June.

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By including an extra layer of context, Facebook is hoping to reduce the spread of outdated or misleading information ( official health organizations like WHO are excluded from the notifications.) “The notification will help people understand the recency and source of the content before they share it,” Facebook posted recently.

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With all the efforts to elevate content from authoritative sources, Facebook has strived to reduce the rate of viral misinformation about the pandemic. The company revealed Tuesday that it has evacuated 7 million posts about the coronavirus and added fact-checking labels to 98 million more.



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