How to download Green kitchen App on iPhone and ipad.

Green Kitchen App is designed for full time vegetarians and a the perfect companion in your kitchen.

In Green Kitchen App, All recipes are handpicked by David & Luise – the creative duo behind the award-winning vegetarian food blog Green Kitchen Stories and the authors of two internationally acclaimed cookbooks.

Green Kitchen App is a delightful source of healthy and tasty vegetarian foods.

Everything you need to explore the app is carefully designed within comfortable range of your thumbs. Swipe between recipes, tap on ingredients and scroll through beautiful pictures without ever having to move your hands.

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Green Kitchen is filled with tasty and inspiring vegetarian food with ingredients straight from nature and a bare minimum of gluten, sugar and dairy products to enjoy and be delighted by creative recipes with drop dead gorgeous photos and detailed, easy to follow instructions.

Features of Green kitchen App:

1. surprise Me 3D Touch feature.

2. A mixed variety of main courses, snacks and healthy drinks.

3. Switch seamlessly between English (metric units), English (US units), German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese.

4. Save your favorites so you can return to them quickly.

5. 110 handpicked premium recipes.

6. A shopping list  by Just sending an email or SMS  of the ingredients to your iPhone!

7. Estimated cooking time for each recipe.

8. All recipes are marked if they are vegan, raw, gluten free, sugar free or whole grain.

9. Step by step cooking instructions, tap on a step to mark it as completed.

How to download Green kitchen App on iPhone and ipad:

1. Go to the Apple store.

2. Type Green kitchen App on the search tab.

3. Click on install.

4. After installing click OK and continue to set up the app to suit you.

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