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Download SoundCloud App

Download SoundCloud App and join millions of users to listen to your favorite music and audio all for free. The App lets you access more music any where you are at any time. Listen to hip hop, rock, jazz, classicals, pop, and much more. The search area lets you find your favorite artistes and tracks. Tap the heart to ‘like’ or favorite’ track(s), which goes into a collection that enables you easily listen to them again later.

Download SoundCloud App and enjoy the features;

> Discover new and trending music you won’t find anywhere else

> Find new favorites with suggested tracks based on your likes and what you listen to most

> Listen to your favorite tracks and artists from a variety of genres, countries, and artists

> Connect with friends and your favorite artists to hear what they share

> Personalize your listening experience by liking favorite tracks to listen later

> Create playlists for parties, workouts, on the way to work, or whatever mood you’re in

> Play, pause and skip tracks from lock screen

> Sign in or register with Facebook, Google+, or your email

Upgrade to SoundCloud Go, and in addition to the SoundCloud you enjoy for free, you get to:

Play all tracks
Access a newly expanded catalog of everything from Grammy-winners to garage bands

> Listen offline
Listen to your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere, with or without a signal

> Go ad-free
Listen without any ad interruptions

Download The Sound Cloud Mobile App