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Best Twitter App: Download Tweetcaster Android Mobile App For FREE!

Tweetcaster for Android is one twitter app every user just has to try out. Before you ask what to gain when you download Tweetcaster free for Android Mobile, let me quickly make understand that this app is capable of helping you manage every aspect of your Twitter activity just immediately after you have created twitter account. simply lets you manage different Twitter accounts – that’s what I’m talking about.

Tweetcaster for Android offers plenty of great options and features which the app an awesome one indeed, while it saves you the stress and hassle associated with managing and changing to different twitter accounts, it gives you good opportunity to also manage and editing tweets, even see notifications, check conversation and respond to tweets.

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So what are you still waiting before you download Tweetcaster and start enjoying its other numerous features. simply create Twitter account today and employ the services of the Tweetcaster android app to enjoy convenience of tweeting. As I said earlier, Tweetcaster comes with a lot of awesome features and some of them just worth mentioning here.

Features: Enjot these Features When You Download Tweetcaster App;

  • View statistics at any moment – Once you create Twitter account and download Tweetcaster, simply take a look at your mentions, most retweeted tweets, favorites and other points of interest and importance.


  • Simultaneous Posting: The app lets you post simultaneously to Twitter and Facebook.


  • Notifications: Get instant notifications on new tweets, mentions, messages or by specific user.

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  • Hide Contents: Is there any user, hashtags, topics, words, people or phrases you do not want to see in your timeline? The Tweetcaster comes with a tool we could refer to as automatic “silencer” or “Hider” which helps you hide tweets with such contents.


  • The Photo Effects/ image editor: See the beauty of the image editor when you download tweetcaster ; the tool allows you customize and edit your photos & images, add cool filters and caption before posting them.

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  • Search Party: Maybe you want to see your previous tweets or activity, the app allows you search through your timeline or even another user’s timeline


  • There is color coding available for Tweets and mentions.


  • The Schedule too lets you send later or send to buffer


  • Who to Follow options makes top suggestions for based on your interest on who to follow.


  • The Smart Filter is there to filter your timeline to look only at tweets with photos, links, videos, or hide retweets or replies.


  • The widget is scrollable and resizable.

There are other numerous features you stand to enjoy as soon as you download Tweetcaster free android app.

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