Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version APK For Android – WhatsApp Plus Download For Android

WhatsApp plus latest version add is all you need if you have loved your WhatsApp Messenger App all these years. There is no doubt, chatting and messaging has become part of our daily doings, and thus, have made WhatsApp even an essential part of our social lifestyle.

With so much evidence on the number of WhatsApp active users, there is no doubt it is doing amazing well; its awesome features like the smileys, voice notes, stories and more, are just things that have made WhatsApp pretty cool.

But what if I tell you now that it gets even more better when you download WhatsApp plus latest version for your Smartphone phone?

Yeah! The new amazing WhatsApp plus comes with brand new and exciting features which adds even to the beauty and feel of the popular WhatsApp messenger.

Don’t Have WhatsApp? – Download WhatsApp Messenger For Android & iOS

There are so many you stand to enjoy when you download WhatsApp plus latest version for Android. We can quickly look at some of them below;

Features Of WhatsApp Plus Download For Android

1. Changes are good and WhatsApp plus comes with varities of it including the blue icon different from the green WhatsApp icon.

2. Changing of colors is possible with the WhatsApp plus. With WhatsApp plus you can add more colors to your WhatsApp, you can change the colors of almost every part of the application.

3. You change the sizes and colors of texts, icons, headers, background….and eventually create your own theme.

4. Extend the size of videos: This is one of the awesome features of WhatsApp Plus. While you can share videos of 16 MB with a friend on WhatsApp messenger, the WhatsApp plus lets you send a video size of 50 MB. Enjoy your bigger videos!

5. WhatsApp Status: When you download WhatsApp Plus latest version, you can hide your status and let them show to only people you wish. And you can also look friend’s status just below the chat unlike the WhatsApp messenger in which you have to tap the contact icon first to see the contact’s status.

6. It is completely ease with WhatsApp plus.

7. High Quality Images: WhatsApp plus makes provision for different options for high quality images, so that your images does not lose quality, but instead stay just the way (quality) they are and which you want. No image fuss!

8. Great Exciting Themes: You traditional WhatsApp does not offer themes, but when you download WhatsApp Plus and use it in your WhatsApp you will be able to enjoy the exciting new themes which WhatsApp Plus App come with.

9. Font Colors: With WhatsApp Plus you can change the font color in your WhatsApp, you can include different font colot to an unread message, group messages. It’s pretty cool!

10. Location: With WhatsApp Plus, you can send your locations to your friends.

Why WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp is really dear to us all but the fact that WhatsApp Plus is better than it can’t be neglected. We are not trying to find faults with existing WhatsApp, but the following are the differences between official WhatsApp and unofficial WhatsApp Plus that will get you inclined towards WhatsApp Plus.

Better interface: with numerous themes options, font color options, and color settings WhatsApp Plus stands tall in terms in terms of interface.

Better smileys: One thing why we loved WhatsApp is because of the wonderful smileys and mind you! WhatsApp Plus comes with hell loads of smileys. Now no emotion goes unsaid.

More privacy and ease: WhatsApp Plus offers more ease to the users in terms of privacy and better access.

Video size: WhatsApp Plus is better than WhatsApp in terms of video size. (a whopping 50 MB). You sure are looking for your WhatsApp upgrade, aren’t you?

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version APK For Android

Using WhatsApp messenger in its traditional way can be Ok, but when combined with WhatsApp Plus, it is just another incredible, great and awesome feel altogether!

It has a great aesthetic appeal and you will love it, the new WhatsApp Plus. It is recommended for all lovers of WhatsApp with exciting features to interact with friends.

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