Dubai Transit Visa Application – UAE Visa Requirements

Dubai Transit Visa Application – UAE Visa Requirements

Welcome to the Embassy of United Arab Emirates, the guide below is your Dubai transit visa application, find out how to apply for a visa and start your application immediately

A Southeast coast of the Persian, a city known for a luxury activities. Dubai is the biggest and the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates, filled with a lot of beautiful art works and luxury designs. It is the best tourist country in the world. Moreover, it’s on records that  Ubaid bin Saeed and Maktum bin were the major founders of this city. Moreover, the United Arab Emirates welcomes anyone who will like to dwell in the land and invest in the country.

So do you want to travel to Dubai to earn a living, commence a commerce, make investment or go for a honeymoon? If yes, then here is your Dubai visa travel guide. You will be finding on his page, the Dubai transit visa application.

Remember, the last time we showed you all the categories of visa, where we told you that there are visa classification: like the visa classification by purpose of use examples, visitor’s visa, transit visa etc and also classification by duration examples; Business visa, Tourist Visa, student visa etc. So in here we are only going to be showing you the UAE transit visa application guide.

A Brief Look At Transit Visa

A transit Visa is a visa under the category of the purpose of use that is given to applicants who simply want to pass through a country. This kind of visa is given to someone who wants to pass from a country into another country. So he or she will requires a transit visa from the said country which he or she will pass from.

The duration of this kind of visa is usually small and depends from country to country. For some countries it takes about 1 to 7 hours while some countries will give you maximum 10 days.

However, a consulate or an immigration officer is served the right to either approve or reject this application but most at times a transit visa is not rejected, This is because, the idea of application is not majorly wrong hence the applicant will be leaving the county after about hours or days.

Dubai Visa

Applicants who wants to do a Duabi ransit visa application must have planned ahead of time of their departure, hotel reservation etc. The United Arab Emirates immigration gives about 48 to 96 hours to individuals wanting to pass through her country. All entry cost and requirements are listed for you at the foot of this page.

UAE Transit Visa Categories

  • 48 Hour Transit Visa – Holders re only permitted to send just 48 hours In the country Visa is free and one can apply via a travel agent an airline it is also it is available on arrival just at the airport but this service maybe paid for.
  • The 96 hour Transit Visa – Do your Dubai transit visa application through a travel agent, also available at the airport also on arrival, however it’s open for some charges.

 Dubai Transit Visa Requirements – Supporting Document for Dubai Transit Visa Application

  • Flight baking
  • the applicants visa fee
  • a passport photograph of the sponsor
  • The applicants visa application form
  • Approval letter form the bank
  • Visa fee, if the visa is applied at the airport
  • a passport sized photograph of the applicant
  • Travel insurance if any
  • A passport copy of the applicants sponsor.

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Important Notice

  • The UAE Immigration officer is served the right to either accept or reject the application.
  • applications fees are not refundable
  • One can book the travel visa at the airport or via local travel agents.
  • Applicants must present a confirmed resort, motel or hotel booking for the duration of the transit
  • Application can also be done online
  • You may need to present your travel ticket of your departure form Dubai

Note: If your application is rejected, you can reapply again, once you provided all that is required of you. However, you may still have o pay another money for your application.

How Much is Dubai Transit Visa?

Visa TypeDurationVisa Fees (Naira & USD)
Transit Visa48 Hours3,700 or $10
Vist Visa90 Days68,000.00 or $189.94
Tourist Visa30 Days33,000.00 or $92.18
Service Visa14 Days33,000.00 or $92.18

Am sure this guide on Dubai Transit Visa Application was helpful enough, if you have any question, this is the time to ask us.