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Facebook App Download – Facebook Free Dating App – Free Dating App Download on Facebook: Facebook dating is built in a way where users indicate if they have children or not. Now, in this Facebook single dad dating article, we’ll be talking about how as a single dad you can use the platform to meet your significant other.

Aside from Facebook, there are plenty of other dating sites that single dads can use, but Fb is one of the best.

There are billions of people using the platform, so that means you’re likely to meet your significant other there even as a single dad. Having children is not an obstruction to dating. There are both single moms and dads on the platform, so read on to find out more.

Facebook Single Dad Dating

Facebook single dad dating is all about fathers that are raising their kids by themselves single and are looking for a relationship.

If as a single dad, you wish to meet or mingle with a single mom, you still can on Facebook. You can use Facebook dating apps or dating groups, so the option is yours to make.

Both options are great as you get exactly what you want. Joining groups for single dads and moms is as easy as using a dating app with Facebook to meet them. And both are free and simple to use. Before we dive in, let’s start by getting you logged into your account.

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Facebook Login

To date on FB as a single dad you need to be logged in with your account and you can do that using these steps;

  • Launch the app or go www.facebook.com.
  • On the page, enter your login details, email or number, and password.
  • Now, select login to load.

There you go, now with the account loaded, let’s proceed to join dating groups or use a dating app to create a profile.

Facebook Dating Groups

There are plenty of dating groups on the platform and you can join whichever one you want. All you need to do is to search for the one you want and then send a join request.

You can use the search box and type in the name for example dating for single dads and moms.

How to Join Facebook Dating Group for Singles

Follow below;

  • From your feed, select the search and enter a keyword, for instance, Facebook Dating for Single Dads and Moms.
  • Then from the list that will be shown, tap on “Join” beside the group you like to join.
  • Answer the questions if any and then send the request.

Now, you have to wait to be accepted before you can interact with people’s posts and also make your own posts. You can directly message someone if you have an interest in them.

Dating with Facebook App

With the Facebook updated app now, you can use the dating feature and meet singles, even dads and moms. All you have to do is to set up your dating preference when creating the profile. And also, the Facebook dating profile is free and simple to set.

Facebook Dating Profile Set Up

To set up your dating profile and start using it to meet singles dads, follow below;

  • Open your account, tap on the horizontal lines, then locate and tap on “Dating” to opt into the service.
  • Tap “get started” and enter the details required including height, education, degrees, job title, religion, age, and others that will be shown.
  • Make sure to add all the preferences you want.
  • The platform will add a few suggestions to the profile using details from your FB account.