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Facebook App – Facebook Downloader – Facebook Downloader App | Facebook Download: Facebook Downloader is an application that helps Facebook users make downloads from the Facebook platform easily. Downloading things like videos from Facebook can only be done within Facebook.

When you download videos from Facebook, you will observe that the videos go to a particular area on your page called “Saved”.

This may not be so pleasing to you since you come across a lot of amazing videos you would want to have offline in your video gallery. If you spend time on Facebook watch, you will have access to some of the most interesting videos in the world. Some of these videos are:

• Comedy Skits
• Motivational messages
• Movie Trailers

But for downloading images it’s not the same. Any image you download on Facebook is saved to your phone gallery. For videos, it’s a different case and this is why you need to get the Facebook Downloader App. You can download the Facebook Downloader Application on any smart device you make use of.

How to Download Facebook Video Downloader Step by Step

Downloading the Facebook video downloader for your Android, Apple or Windows devices follows just the same process to download and install anything. Here is how it is done:

• Visit any of the App stores (Google Playstore, Apple App Store or Windows Store)
• Get on the search bar of any of the app download platforms (Based on the device you make use of)
• Type “Facebook Video Downloader”
• Lots of video downloader options will appear
• Click on the one you see “FB Video Downloader”
• Download and Install

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How to Download Videos on Facebook Using Facebook Video Downloader

After downloading the app, you will have the plugin displaying on your Facebook platform. This is how you download:
• Locate the video you want to download
• Click on the blue down arrow at the right hand of your page
• Select the video you want
• Choose where you want to save it

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