Facebook Data Recovery – Avoid Lost Of Your Facebook Data – Backup Facebook Data | Facebook Data Backup

Facebook Data Recovery – Avoid Lost Of Your Facebook Data – Backup Facebook Data | Facebook Data Backup: If you do a lot of work on Facebook, it is high time you learn how to backup your Facebook data. It is a detailed compilation of all your activates on Facebook through the years.

This is very important because you have no idea when you will need any of the information you have displayed on the Facebook Platform.

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It could be;
• Photos
• Video
• Groups you are in
• Chats
• Pages you’ve liked
• Friends List
• Your Facebook followers on your page
• Ads you’ve clicked on
• Posts etc.
Facebook gives you the leverage to download anything you’ve ever posted on Facebook.

Step By Step Process to Backup Facebook Data

• Access your Facebook Account using your desktop or laptop
• At the upper right of your Facebook Page click “Settings” which will take you to the General Settings Page
• Down below your page click “Download a Copy Of Your Facebook Data” link which will redirect you to a new page
• That new page will say “Download Your Information” which will help you in getting a backup copy of your Facebook activities
• Click on “Start My Archive” to start the download process and confirm your archive creation by still clicking “Start My

• Verify your identification
• You are then going to receive a message from Facebook telling you about receiving an email once your download is finished

• Once you receive the email, click on the link (for your file download) sent with it and it will take you to Facebook
• Input you Facebook password as instructed
• This will then grant you permission to save the file to your system
• I advise you create a folder for it before you even start the process. Choose the folder when asked for the file you want it in and Facebook will put the file in there.
• In your folder, the file will be saved as “Index”



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