Facebook Dating Not Working? – How to Fix It When Facebook Dating Is Not Working

Facebook Dating Not Working? Don’t Worry! There are no feelings compared to that of the feeling of love. Dating apps and social media channels are redefining ways and means to find true love. You can find a perfect soul mate with just a click away. I’m sure you know about that. That’s probably why you are in search of how to fix the Facebook dating feature.

The more reason this post is in front of you – how to fix it when Facebook dating is not working. We discovered a lot of people are finding it difficult to access Facebook dating features and dating apps.

If Facebook dating keeps crashing, won’t load, can’t find the dating feature in the Facebook dating app, notifications don’t appear on the home screen, or you can find photos and other dating features on the app-then this post is for you. Keep reading to discover how to fix it.

Facebook Dating Features

The internet has made lots of things easier for man; the relationship and love are not left out. With lots of dating apps in the internet space like Tinder, Badoo, etc., Facebook recently joined the mix in 2018, launching a dating feature and a Facebook dating app in some world regions.

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The Facebook Dating feature was initially rolled out to 5 countries before making it available to more countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, etc.

For those who can access the Facebook Dating feature, they all sing praises to it. Based on your interest in Facebook, the dating feature links you with other people of similar interests.

Most importantly, you get to create a new profile on Facebook dating. It links you up with different persons out of your friend circle on the main Facebook platform. But you must have a Facebook account and be logged in to use the Facebook dating feature.

Causes of Facebook Dating Not Working – And How to Fix It

If Facebook dating is not working, they are a couple of things attributed to that. To start the fixing process, you might need to start from the basics.

1. Be sure you are up to 18 years.

Remember that the Facebook Dating feature is only available to users above 18 years of age. So if you are not up to 18 years, which is Facebook’s dating age bracket, you might need to wait till you turn 18 or go for other dating apps out there that accept age brackets from 14 years up.

2. Check if your Country is Eligible

As earlier noted, the Facebook dating feature is region-specific. As such, Facebook only made the dating feature available to persons in the countries listed below:

Countries Eligible for Facebook Dating














The Philippines





Vietnam and

The United State

So, if you are not in any of these locations, you can’t access the Facebook Dating feature. Other reasons why the Facebook Dating feature is not working on your phone could be because of some of the factors below:

3. Your Facebook App Is Outdated

The Facebook Dating feature is only available in the latest version of Facebook. If you are above 18 and the Facebook Dating feature is available in your country, this could account for it.

How to Update Your Facebook App to Access the Facebook Dating Feature

Make sure you have an active internet connection. If you are using mobile data, make sure you have an active data plan.

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Navigate to the application store on your phone, search for Facebook, and click on update.

4. Your phone Needs to Be Refreshed.

If your phone is lagging, it might affect the Facebook Dating feature. If such is the case, you will need to restart your phone.

Restart your android and iPhone by holding the power button for some seconds

5. The Facebook Dating Feature Is Only Available in Facebook Mobile App

Are you attempting to access the Facebook Dating feature through the Facebook web? If so, you are out of luck. 

Remember that the Facebook Dating feature is a new one with little improvements being done on it. It is not available on the Facebook web only on the mobile app. Make sure to update your app before trying to access the feature.

6. The Fault Might Be from Facebook.

The Facebook Dating feature is a new one and still requires some minor fixes. The fault might be from the developers.

7. Turn on Post Notification for Your Phone

If notifications for Facebook are turned off on your phone, it might affect your Facebook dating feature. To turn on your notification setting for Facebook, navigate to your phone setting, and allow the Facebook notification.

8. You Need A Strong Internet Connection to Access Facebook Dating 

Do you have a strong internet connection? It would help if you had a strong internet connection to access the Facebook Dating feature.

If you are using a modem or router, make sure it has a strong connection. Better still, unplug the modem and router, then plug it back in.

If you are using mobile data, make sure you have an active data bundle.

9. Clear Your Phone’s Cache.

Your Phone cache can get corrupted and interrupt your Facebook. Clear up the cache on your mobile device and try again.

10. Restart Facebook App – Close the Facebook App and Open it Again.

Some minor bugs can be resolved once you restart an application on your phone. Facebook is no different.

If the Facebook Dating feature is not working on your phone, simply opening and closing the Facebook app might do wonders. Close the Facebook app and open it, then dry to access the Facebook Dating feature.

11. Uninstall and Reinstall Facebook App

To uninstall an app on android, hold the app for some seconds, then click on install. On iPhone, hold the app for a few seconds, then click on the cancel icon on top of the app.

After deleting the app, go to Google play store to reinstall it on android and Apple store to reinstall it on the iPhone.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook app is an excellent way to clear up some bugs and update the Facebook app to the latest version.

12. Contact Facebook Help Center

Suppose none of the tips and suggestions in this article didn’t work out. In that case, it’s time to report the issue to Facebook’s technical support team.


The Facebook Dating feature is a beautiful addition to Facebook. If you are open to the dating scene, you should give it a try. Users of the new feature sing high praises for Facebook Dating.

If the feature is not available in your region, a little patience is what you need. Soon enough, it will be rolled out to all counties that have Facebook.