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Facebook Estate Ads – Facebook Real Estate – Facebook Realers | Facebook Real Estate Ads: Facebook changed the rules for real estate advertising on the platform.

The company implemented the special ad category, which restricts targeting for certain types of ads, including housing ads. Most notably, marketers can no longer target ad audiences based on demographics, behavior, or ZIP code.

Does that mean Facebook real estate ads are worthless? Not at all! Facebook ads are still a powerful way to get your ads in front of a relevant audience.

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Realtors Groups
  • Facebook Real Estate Ads and Promotion

Facebook Business Page

This gives clients a platform to have a service and customer-based relationship. That is, it is where potential clients get to meet with their service providers and get recent information concerning the services of a realtor.

From time to time, businesses give out offers in order to make their services flexible and their clients have a better experience. A realtor’s business page is a platform for effective customer service and advertisement.

Facebook Realtors Groups

There are groups on FB which focus majorly on real estate. Most of these groups harbor individuals who are out for opportunities in real estate. So, as a realtor, you can use these groups as a means for promotion to target the right clients and get a huge database.

Facebook Real Estate Ads and Promotion

To reach people faster and spread the news of your service with ease, it is very advisable you use Facebook Promotion. This promotion comes with different packages which are very affordable. All the packages are meant to suit you. The bigger you package, the large your reach.

When Facebook implemented the special ad category, they changed their targeting algorithm as well. You can now create a Special Ad Audience, and Facebook will show your real estate ads to visitors with behavior similar online to that of your current customers.

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Plus, you can still use some of the platform’s other powerful ad-targeting features. This includes limiting the country and target group size for your ad to restrict it to more local viewers and targeting based on interests.

For any kind of property you’re hankering to sell, it’s still easier to find your perfect-fit customers on Facebook than on other platforms, be it digital or brick-and-mortar.

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