Facebook – Facebook Free Mode | How to Use Facebook with Zero Data or Bandwidth Charges

Facebook Free Mode is a Facebook package that helps users make use of the platform for free. This means that there are no charges on internet connection (data) used for accessing FB. It can be referred also as;

  • Facebook Flex or
  • Facebook Zero

For this to happen, Facebook has to work with social networking service providers which make available the internet connection for users. This is great option for you especially if you don’t have bandwidth. There is zero data charge on everything you do. Facebook Free is best when you just feel like chatting (using Facebook Messenger) and I will explain why shortly.

What you Need to Know About Facebook Free

It is important to note that there are just two (2) modes when it comes to using Facebook which are:

  • Data Mode
  • Free Mode

The Data Mode is that which demands a charge on bandwidth before you can access the FB platform. The Free Mode demands no bandwidth charge for access.

Facebook Free Mode cannot be applied when using Facebook desktop site. It is only available to those using the Facebook Mobile Application. Facebook Free Mode is a Text-only FB Mode where you are given access to just text and no media. This is what makes the two modes different in application.

How to Switch From Data Mode to Free Mode on Your Facebook App

Switching from Data Mode to Free Mode is very easy. This switch can help you properly manage your data at every point in time.

At the top of your FB Mobile App, you will observe a button at the top which gives you the option to switch. This button presents to you the two options of modes and as you pick you gain access to that which you chose.

How to Enjoy Free Facebook with Facebook Flex

Stay connected to Facebook for FREE with Facebook Flex by Vodacom Siyakha

Facebook Flex allows you to access Facebook for FREE anytime, without data charges when using:

  1. Facebook.com on your cellphone
  2. The Facebook app

Stay in control of your data usage when using Facebook through a button that switches between Free Mode and Data Mode.

Flex is currently only available when using the app on Android devices, or on the Facebook.com mobi site for all devices. Fair usage policy applies.

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Why is Facebook Flex important?

Want to stay connected to the people you know even when you don’t have data? With Facebook Flex, a data bundle balance of 0MB means you’ll still be able to let your friends know when you visit a new place, start a new job, move house or share other exciting news – anytime, anywhere!

It’s also useful when you want to SAVE your data while still having access toFacebook so you can share important information like funeral notices and stay on top of text-based newsfeed updates, at no cost to you!

Facebook Flex lets you reach all your friends with a single post, plus its FREE!