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Facebook Help Center and Settings – Contact Facebook Help – Facebook Help Center | Facebook Customer Support: Allow Facebook Help to be of assistance to you if you are having questionable challenges with just anything at all.  Most times, just sourcing information about a particular matter may not do as the challenge persists.

The best thing for you to do is contact the Facebook Help Center which could otherwise be referred to as the Facebook Customer Support.

Here they understand the problems Facebook users are going through and provide solutions for it. First, when you get on their page you see auto-suggested questions like;

  • What names are allowed on Facebook?
  • How do I choose what I get notification about?
  • Where can I find my settings?
  • How do I change or reset my Facebook password?
  • Why am I seeing an error message saying I can’t reply to a conversation on Facebook?

These are the frequently asked questions in the Facebook Help Center.

Most Popular Topics are about the following;

  • Your Profile and Settings
  • Pages
  • Messaging and
  • Notifications

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As you scroll down, you will see other options like;

  • Visit Help Community
  • Visit Ads Help Center

If your problem isn’t based on any of the above, then on the search bar at the top which says “Hi, how can we help you? Input your question or challenge and click enter. You will get an instant response from Facebook to help out with your problems. This is a 24/7 customer service support which means that they are useful to you at all times.

Facebook Help Center Contact

This is a generally accepted number and can be used when you desire to speak with a customer care agent. The number is 6505434800

Facebook Help Center Live Chat

Instead of calling, you can also have a Live Chat. To do this simply use the link:


Finally, to access the Help Center, kindly use this link: