Facebook Image Search | Facebook Image Size – Facebook Image Dimensions

Facebook Image Search | Facebook Image Size – On Facebook, you can search for images concerning anything. This is a sure proof of Facebook being a search engine and not just a social media platform. There are a lot of images on Facebook and users can use the Facebook Search Bar to search for anything they want. Not all images are allowed on Facebook this is because of their consciousness of what people are exposed to. Facebook saves the image of anything you upload be it links or normal image upload.

Facebook Image Search

Using the Facebook Search Bar, you can search for anything you want at any time. For instance type “Cup” and click “Search”. A lot of ideas about cup will be given to you including lots and lots of photos about cups.
There is even a separate section for photos and once you click on it, you get different images about what you searched for.

You can save these images and use them if you like. Every Facebook user has a section for photos on his/her Facebook Profile. If you need a photo of your Facebook friend, you can visit their profile. It may be their birthdays and you want to upload their photos to wish them a Happy Birthday.

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Facebook Image Size – Facebook Image Dimensions

Interestingly, no matter the size of the image you want to upload, Facebook will help you optimize it to standard. Facebook’s standard for picture size is 1200×630 pixels. You can edit you photos to meet this standard if you like but the most important thing is that every image on Facebook is optimized to fit in Facebook’s picture standard.
Make sure your images meet Facebook’s Customer Policy or else it can be taken out and you will be penalized for it.