Facebook Messenger Chess Hack to Win the Best Players

Facebook Messenger Chess Hack to Win the Best Players – Winning Chess on Facebook is absolutely the idea I am about to pass to you today. Being a Chess player involves the ability to think like a technical genius but playing the game on FB involves even more.

This is the time to step up your game and getting them on their knees to acknowledge you as the boss.

Facebook Messenger Chess Hack to Win the Best Players

What I am going to share with you doesn’t need you being a genius. It’s just a simple idea that is committed to making you appear great before other players and leaving them in tears and shock.

How to Play Chess on Facebook

On Facebook, Chess is a secret game that can be played only on messenger. If you are coming across the game for the first tie, I advise you to take my instructions seriously as they will help you properly understand the functions to use. Have this table in mind.

The Chess Board looks exactly like what you see in the picture above. If you observe, there are some numbers and letters at the outer edge of the Chessboard. These numbers and let’s help you in your movement.

The Numbers – The numbers are vertically positioned and give you your correct movement (Numbers from 1 to 8)

The Letters – The Letters are horizontally positioned and helps you decide which of your Chess characters you would like to move (Letters from a to h)
Put them together, you have functions like; @fbchess [email protected] to move a pawn, @fbchess [email protected] to move the Queen, etc.

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If you keep on observing the letters and numbers, you will know how to make your moves. And in case you make a mistake, you can quickly click undo.

Facebook Messenger Chess Game Hack

Here is the hack you need to win this game;

  • Quickly switch off your internet connection as opponents time starts
  • Wait for 3 to 5 seconds and switch it on again
  • Your opponent wouldn’t be able to make any move
    Then you’ve won

Join Facebook Messenger Chess Hack to Win the Best Players