Facebook Private Event Set Up

Facebook Private Event Set Up – In this article, we are going to look into how to set up a Facebook private event. And as a matter of fact, we will direct to the point, while making it all easy and simple to grab. Meanwhile, whether a private event or public it is all simple to go about it all!

First of all, an event is a calendar-based resource which its role, function and purpose is to remind and notify you of an event coming up. Having said, let us now look into how to create a private event on Facebook.

How to create a private event on Facebook

1. Simply go to your Facebook account by login your Facebook with your login details. Then click on the menu button. (if you are using a computer system, just look at the left to see your list of menu options).

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2. Scroll down and click on “Events”.

3. You will see a blue icon which reads, “Create Event”, click on it and this will bring you list of event options (“Create Private Event”, and “Create Public Event”)

N|B: Sometimes, the default setting is set for you to create a private event, but if yours shows differently, simply click on the drop down to choose between a private and public event. Then complete the following;

4. Add “Photo”

5. Add the “Event Name”

6. Add “Location”

7. Set the “Date/Time” This will include the End Time for the event.

8. Add “Description” and this is where you will give details and tell people more about the event.

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9. Tick or untick the small box to allow or disallow guests to invite friends.

10. Tap on “Create” at the bottom of the page to create the event.

Using Computer System (Browser) To Set Up Facebook Private Event

Let us look out how to create a private event on Facebook using the browser in your phone or computer system. It is very easy and simple. The steps are just almost the same. Thus, let’s get started!

1. Log in your Facebook account

2. Look at the left side of your Facebook home page, the see list of menu options and then click on “Events” (just under “Explore”)

3. Click on the blue icon “Create Event”

4. Now choose between a private or public event (since we are learning on how to create a private event on Facebook, simply click on “Private Event”).

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5. Enter the “Event Name”

6. Enter the event “Location”

7. Enter the “Date/Time” including the End time for the event.

8. Add the event “Description” as to give people more details about the event.

9. Allow or disallow guests from inviting friends by ticking or unticking the small box.

10. At this point, click on “Create Private Event”.

Once you follow these steps accordingly, you will arrive to the success of setting up the Facebook private event just on your own without needing any helping hand to do so. Do share your thought with us how to set Facebook private event using the comment box section below.