Facebook Secret Emoticons – How to Add Facebook Emoji to a Status Update and Comment on Posts

Facebook Secret Emoticons- With the Facebook secret crush app feature users will be able to send messages and chat with people they admirer in a fun way. A vast number of people around the world uses Facebook for a lot of things, in which chatting is one of them, when chatting on Facebook, you can make use of emoticons, smileys, stickers emoji to express emotions, some Facebook users even go to the extent using short video clips, images or animated GIFs. But not all Facebook users have discovered the Facebook secret emoticons, it is known to just a number of Facebook users.

All these Facebook secret emoticons are hidden within Facebook but the fact that these are unknown to most Facebook users makes them go to sources other than Facebook to get extra emoticons, when they download and install this software or applications they have no idea of the malware the software or application might have, these malware invades your privacy and steals confidential data from your device. To avoid this, you should try out the Facebook secret emoticons on Facebook.

Facebook Secret Emoticons | How to Add Facebook Emoji to a Status Update

The Facebook secret emoticons are like all other emoticons, they are made of symbols and characters, you can use them in your status update and you can also make use of the Facebook emoji in your status update. You can follow the listed steps below to learn how to add Facebook emoji to a status update

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  1. Launch Facebook
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click on the what’s on your mind field to compose a status
  4. There’s a small smiley face at the bottom right corner of the field, click on it
  5. The emoji tray will be displayed, click on any emoji you want then you can post your status update.

More than one emoji can be used in your status update, there are several varieties of emoji, you can swipe left and right to view all.

Facebook Secret Emoticons – How to Use Facebook Emoji to Comment on a Post

Facebook secret emoticons and Facebook emoji can also be used to comment on a post when commenting on posts, emoji is used to make it more fun, with the steps below you will know how to use Facebook emoji to comment on a post

  1. Login to your Facebook account from Facebook app or Facebook web
  2. On your news feed page look for the post you want to comment on and hit the comment bar
  3. Tap on the smiley face icon by the right to open the emoji tray
  4. Select the emoji you want to use and post your comment

You can tap on the emoji smiley face again to close the emoji tray, this same process can be used in private chats also