Facebook Secret Files – Facebook Activity Log | Facebook Secret Stones and Messages

Facebook secret files contain data of all its users and their activities, the reason why this is unknown to most people is that people hardly read terms and conditions, it is written clearly in Facebook terms and conditions that it collects all your activities. Your files are gotten from activity log and your activity log contains your checked-in locations, the details of your transaction on Facebook pay, your chats history, details of contacts, IP address linked to your device and search history too.

Every day millions of people chat on Facebook, read news, watch videos, post videos and images and do a lot of things, but it is known to only few that Facebook monitors all of its users activities, every post you like, every comment you make, every post you send, every message you send on both Facebook chat and Facebook messenger is monitored and known by Facebook, they gather all these files and store them in a Facebook secret files.

Facebook Secret Files | Facebook Activity Log

Facebook secret files are obtained from Facebook activity log, you can view and manage your Facebook activity log with the following steps

  1. Log in to your Facebook account with Facebook web or Facebook app
  2. Tap on the options icon (three horizontal lines in a blue box)
  3. Open your profile, you can tap on your Facebook name and profile photo at the top of the screen to open your Facebook profile
  4. Tap activity log, it can be seen directly under your cover photo

You can use the filter option to search for a specific activity. Your activity log can only be seen by you, your Facebook friends can’t have access to your Facebook activity log.

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Facebook Secret Files | Delete Facebook Activity Log

When you delete your Facebook activity log it doesn’t mean that your Facebook secret files will get automatically deleted too, notwithstanding, you can use the following steps to delete Facebook activity log

  • Connect your device to an active internet
  • Launch your Facebook app or Facebook web
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Open your Facebook activity log
  • Click on more
  • Select search
  • Click on the arrow pointing down beside the entry you wish to delete
  • Select and click delete

With the steps above you’d have successfully deleted entry from your activity log, you can repeat the steps to delete more entries.