Facebook Tag – How To Tag and Untag Someone Facebook Post

Facebook Tag – How To Tag and Untag Someone Facebook Post

Facebook Tag: Create a new post or select an existing post that you’d like to tag someone in. Type ‘@’ followed by the person’s name you want to tag in the post or comment. When the name appears in the drop-down menu, click it. Press ‘Share’ to post and send a notification to the user you’ve tagged.

It is very easy to untag someone on my facebook post; if you are using a mobile phone, then it will be a whole lot easier, just login to your facebook account and head on straight to such post which you want to untag someone from.

Facebook is one of the Top 10 Social media app with about 99 percent flexible features; with the app, you can manage almost all its features. Moreover, Facebook users can download Facebook music, videos and equally share something on facebook story.

However, to untag someone on my facebook post, you will have to login to your account and then locate the post. Meanwhile, facebook have made it easier for the user to always make changes to their post, but then whatever changes you make must be in line with Facebook policy.

What is Facebook Post Tag

When you tag someone, you create a link to their profile. This means that: The post you tag the person in may also be added to that person’s timeline. For example, you can tag a photo to show who’s in the photo or post a status update and say who you’re with.

How to Untag Someone on My Facebook Post

We want to show you how to untag someone on my facebook post using both mobile phones and PC, so, lets get started:

  • Open your browser and log on to www.facebook.com.
  • Proceed to enter your account username and password and afterwards, awaits for your timeline to open.
  • Welcome, you are now live on your timeline, now, locate the post which you mistakenly tagged someone to.
  • Click on more, which is an icon that represents more.
  • Select edit and here you are.

As easy as that, you have successfully untagged yourself from facebook, however, these steps can be used well by someone using a PC, so lets still see how to untag someone you tagged on wall photo using mobile phone.


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How to Untag Someone on my Facebook Post on Mobile

If you are using a mobile phone and then you have a Facebook apk, it will be easy for you to untag People From Something you Shared on Facebook, so let us see how to do that below:

  • Open your Facebook app and login to Facebook.
  • Proceed to login to your account with your password and username.
  • Now, you are on the site, go ahead to locate the post and then observe the rest options shown above to edit your post.

How to Untag Someone on Facebook Post Using Facebook App

The new Facebook apk works perfectly just like Facebook PC app, you can post anything on your timeline using your mobile phone, you can tag and untag someone on Facebook using your Facebook Lite app or any Facebook app. Now, if you are using a Facebook app to Facebook, simply tap on the app to open your account and then locate the post which you mistakenly tagged someone to; at the side of the icons above, choose the option to edit and then untag such a person.

How to Untag Someone on Facebook Post Online

Log on to facebook at www.facebook.com or at m.facebook.com to make a post, also login to facebook using your Facebook app apk to tag or untag someone on your facebook post. Facebook.com website is the only platform to make changes on your facebook timeline, in other words, you cannot untag someone eon Facebook using messenger.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook

  1. Start by clicking in the box under ‘Make Post.’ Here you can type what’s on your mind, add photos or videos, check in, let your Facebook friends know how you’re feeling – lots of options!
  2.  Once you’ve created your post by adding status, photo, etc., you’re ready to tag. Click ‘Tag Friends.’
  3.  Start typing the name of the friend (or friends) you’d like to tag in your post. Once they have auto-populated in the drop-down menu, click their name to add them to the post.
  4. After you’ve tagged your friend(s), their name(s) will appear next to ‘With.’ If you’ve accidentally tagged the wrong person or want to remove someone from a post, simply click the ‘x’ next to their name to remove the tag. Once you’re done adding friends to your post, click ‘Share.’
  5. You’ve successfully shared your post and tagged your friends! The names of any friends you’ve tagged will show up next to yours.

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