Facebook Update – Facebook Update Latest Version

Facebook Update – When it comes to updating on Fb there are two things involve which is updating your status and update the Facebook app to the new version. Well! If you on any of the two options, you can access the Fb update categories on this articles. Facebook update anticipates lots of function in term of updating the mobile app and also the new feed. The rolling out of the update allows users great fascinating features to express more content about what they feel.

Although Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world if you been on the platform for long. The new update on Facebook provides users with more exciting experiences of users the platform for updating status and other functions including messaging. However, the update on the mobile app adds more features providing you with an easy way to update your Fb status. View the outline below to access new Facebook update.

Fb Update- How to Update Facebook App

The new update on the app version completely redesigns the old feature to new features around the profile photos, new Emoji, bubbles for the comments and lots more. Also on the update icon and to have the new version ensure your connection is on to access the following step.

  • Go to the Google play store or the apple store on the respective devices you use.
  • On the search engine at the top type Facebook and click the search results.
  • Then click on Facebook and if your Facebook isn’t running on the new app. It will display two option “uninstall” and update icon”
  • You can then click the update icon and wait till it finishes

Finally, your Fb should be updated without stress offering you new features to enjoy. However, if you don’t have a Facebook app. You can use the opportunity to install the new Fb update app on your devices. Now you can experience a better update of the statue.

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Facebook Update- How to Update your Facebook Statue

Users on Fb mostly make use of the update icon to express what on their mind with either picture or writing words. With the new update of the mobile app, there are other interesting features on the update like GIF, themes, and sticker. You can view more by accessing the steps below:

  1. Visit the mobile app or use the website facebook.com to sign in your account.
  2. Enter your email address or phone number and password then click the “sign in” icon.
  3. At the top of the page click in the “, what’s on your mind” field. Then you can view a whole lot of features.
  4. After that you can type in your comment and add some feature like location, tags then click the share icon.

Finally, once you have updated your Fb status you will directly appear on your timeline and other user timelines you tag. Definitely, you have been able to cover all the updates hope you get to access it easily as explain above.