How To Turn Off Flashlight For iPhone More FASTER

Turn off flashlight for iPhone Faster – Latest Knowledge

We all know that the phone screen normally goes off ‘sleeps’ while not in use for quite long. More importantly while using the flashlight. So what happens when you decide to turn off flashlight for iPhone after usage, especially when you wish to do this real fast without the rigorous process of having to press the power button to turn on the screen from sleep first.

Following this simple steps presented here will definitely give you that new experience and knowledge you never though for a day in your entire moments of using Apple product iPhone. This simple guide will help you turn off the flashlight real fast so long as you have the Raise to wake enabled.

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Having said, let’s now quickly look up through for the steps and simple approach to turn off iPhone flash light – something you have never thought of all the long while. Here is the simple guide, carefully read through and embrace the new knowledge.

1: Enable Raise to wake in your iPhone. You can do this by going to settings, to Display, to brightness.

2: As you have Raise to Wake enabled in your iPhone, then raise your phone towards you to wake the phone screen.

3: Swipe left on the screen, like you want to open the camera, but halfway this time.

How to turn off flashlight for iPhone

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