How to Poke Someone on Facebook – Facebook Poke Friends

How to Poke Someone on Facebook – Facebook pokes is one way to get friend’s attention on Facebook so you can get on conversation with them. There are sometimes your FB friend will be online but they may not be responding to your messages in their inbox, and just by a simply poking them will get their attention since FB will notify them that you have poked them. Thus, basically Facebook pokes is a feature on FB designed to help users gain the attention of their friends.

Once you poke a friend, he or she receives a notification that you want to converse with him or her. Facebook Pokes gives an idea that a friend on the other end needs your attention. The poke icon is in form of a hand which has a finger pointing. You may have been poked before or you may haven’t. Anyway, you are going to be seeing shortly how to poke a friend anytime they are not responding. This feature isn’t abusive in any way. It helps facilitate communication by giving the impression that your presence is needed.

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How to Poke Someone on Facebook

You can also use it as a means through which you communicate importance. Am sure you now understand how this feature work. Here is how you poke your friends on Facebook;

  • Locate your friend’s profile.
  • Click on the drop-down menu having three dots on your cover photo.
  • Click “Poke”

Facebook Poke Page

Facebook Poke Page is a page on Facebook which gives you the list of all your Facebook friends who poked you. FB gives you an opportunity to see the whole list at once. Visit the FB Poke Page via this link (

Using that link, you can see all the persons who have poked you since you signed up with Facebook. Learn to use Facebook Pokes to gain people’s attention.