How To Set Up a Facebook Account – Open New Facebook Account Profile

How To Set Up a Facebook Account – How To Open a New Facebook Account – There are so many benefits which comes this day with one having a Facebook account. In fact, the importance and benefits of having Facebook account profile cannot be exhausted in a while.

Whether you are running a Facebook account for business purpose or just a personal Facebook account, truth is there are lots of benefits and opportunities that come with whichever of the choice.

On how to set up a Facebook account, it is a very simple and easy steps and in this article I am going to show you the simple steps to follow to create a new Facebook account.

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Whether you want to open a Facebook account to reach your friends and family or to reach customer, you must do the needful first, and that is signing up Facebook first.

To Sign Up Facebook account is simply what I have designed here when I titled it how to set up a Facebook account which lets you have your own Facebook profile account.

How To Set Up a Facebook Account – What It takes

A lot of people today are already on Facebook community, millions of people, and the truth is more and more lots of people are yet to join where some of them do not know how to go about creating the Facebook account; That is the essence of this post on how to set up a Facebook account.

Before I show you below how to open a new Facebook account, it is important to know that there are a lot of things you would benefit when you set up your own Facebook account. Some of them include; Finding and connecting with friends, Business promotion and advertising, Entertainment, better socializing and many more.

Therefore, the choice of the purpose now depends solely on you as a person, as to whether you want to set up a Facebook account for business purpose or whether you just want to open an account for personal purpose.

In my next post I will show you how to create a Facebook page for your business or brand, but till then lets see how to set up a Facebook account for business purpose or individual purpose.

Facebook Sign Up – How To Set Up a Facebook Account

Here is a guide that lets you create a new Facebook account for yourself;

1. Visit

2. Provide all the details required in the “Create a New Account” Section.

3. The details include First name, Surname, Phone number, Password, Birthday, gender etc.

4. After you have filled them, simply click “Create Account”

And you will see your account completely set up and all you need do now is to upload your Facebook profile photos, cover photo, and then start posting your status, and adding friends.

Facebook Login – How To Signing Facebook Account

This is simply a way to access you Facebook account from any device at all. But this means that you must have had a Facebook account before you talk of Facebook login.

In a previous post, I shared how to login Facebook account, highlighting common mistakes to avoid challenges.

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For you to login your Facebook account successfully, make sure you enter your Facebook login details correctly. If you have used your email address to sign up, that’s what you should use to login.

And if you have used your phone number, it is same thing you are going to use to login your account. Ensure you enter your password correctly too.