How to Sign In to Google Drive Online

How to Sign In to Google Drive Online

Do you want to know How to Sign In to Google Drive Online? Or are you asking How can I log in to my Google Drive or how can I go about the Google Drive login on my mobile phone? Then you should just stay tuned and keep on reading.

However, one of the questions that caught my attention was “Is there another option to require login credentials when one is logging into Google Drive through Chrome”. Actually, the answer is no, there is no other option for you to log in to your Google Drive except with the right Google Drive login process.

How to Sign In to Google Drive Online

Google Drive or GDrive is usually known as a cloud storage and synchronization service that allows you to just store large documents. Synchronize files across various devices and even share them with friends or people you just need to share them with.

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However, for you to be able to do the following, you simply need to sign up for the service. Use your Google Mail account or go through the Google Drive sign-up. Likewise, your Gmail account is also required to log in to Google Drive on the web or on the Google Drive app.

How to Sign in to Google Drive on a Desktop or Computer

You should also keep in mind, only users that have gone through the Google Drive sign-up can then be able to sign in to Google Drive online. However, the option or login credentials to simply access Google Drive on the computer or desktop via Chrome.

This simply includes your Gmail account sign-in credentials such as email address and password.

To Sign in to Google Drive Personal:

  • Now on your web browser like Chrome, you should just visit the Google Drive login online page with the link
  • Then, under the Personal plan, you can just click Go to Google Drive.
  • Now you should enter your Google Drive account, and your email address and then click Next.
  • Afterward for you to access Google Drive online, you should then enter your password.

To sign in to Google Drive Business:

  • Using the same step, you should click on the link.
  • Also, select Business to sign in to your account
  • Then enter your email address and password.
  • Lastly, you should just click sign in.

However, you should just keep in mind that the Google Drive login credentials you provide on the google drive login page must comply with the registered plan you selected. For instance, the Gmail account you use to access the Google Drive business is the one that you use to sign in to the business.

How to Download the Google Drive App | Google Drive Sign in Mobile

Another platform where you can also get access to your stored document or backup file directly from your mobile phone is the Google Drive app. Directly, on your mobile phone, you can then easily back up files from your file manager, cameras, and also SD cards to the cloud storage.

To download the Google Drive app:

  • You should open the Google Play Store on Android or App Store on the iOS device.
  • Then you should click on the search icon and type Google Drive.
  • Also, you should click Install or Get.

To Sign in Google Drive on Mobile:

  • Now you should open the Google Drive you download.
  • Now just enter your Gmail account login credentials.
  • This simply includes your Google email address and password.

Finally, once you have successfully logged into your Google Drive you can then view all your media files such as photos or pictures, videos, and documents. Likewise, you can also make use of other features on the Drive that includes Google Docs, Sheets, Forums, and much more.

You should now know the simple process to sign up for a Google Drive account to then store all your important content.

How to Get Started with Google Drive

On the contrary, the discussion above talked about how to sign in or log in to your Google Drive on the web and also how to install the Google Drive app on your mobile phone. However, for users that want to just make use of Google Drive, you can then make use of the following tips below to get started with Google Drive.

To Sign up for Google Storage Account 

  • You should then go to my Google Drive login page website
  • Then, you should just click Go to Drive and sign in to your Google Account.
  • That’s how to just get started with Google Drive.

When you have then completely signed up for your G Drive account and the G Drive log in, this will just enable you to now access the free features of the cloud storage that just includes Google Meets, Collaborate tools, Storage, share, and much more from any mobile device, computer or even tablet.