How To Stop Facebook Ads Permanently

How To Stop Facebook Ads Permanently

Have you been looking recently how to stop Annoying Facebook Ads, look no more as this simple step will help you stop it.

Facebook ads is one of the Facebook features that markets companies and individuals product, such ads are generated by individuals and are set to be displayed at the user’s view.

Moreover, users can view Facebook ads while they read news, music, videos, or just Facebook timeline, however, such ads are annoying since they won’t go away but keep seeking for attention by the right-hand side of your screen and sometimes at the center of your screen

But don’t worry we will help you stop Facebook ads permanently, mind yu, you don’t need to stick with something you don’t like. We did this on Facebook marketplace, we also did help you to delete Facebook account without a login, so we will help you now to cancel Facebook ads campaign.

How Does Facebook Ads Works

When your friends clicks on like on any company page or any Facebook suggested pages on their timeline, Facebook takes their information and then harnesses their profile, contact etc, after that, they visit the contacts of the subscriber who likes and then suggests that same page to his contacts, by so doing they believe that what your friends like, you may likely like too.

Likee Web And App Login – Login to Android or PC

But then things don’t work like that right? What I like may not be what my friends like, vice versa and so Facebook should stop their ads on my timeline.

Easy Way to Stop Facebook Ads Permanently

Facebook makes money from the ads they display on your timeline and so they wouldn’t want you to delete Facebook ads, however, you can reduce and equally determine how you want ads to be displayed on your timeline:

  • Open your Facebook account and login after that.
  • Navigate to the right-hand side of your screen to click on settings.
  • Inside the settings list, choose the option marked “ads”
  • You will see different preferences, now go to ad settings and change settings for the ads.
  • Follow the prompts to finish your settings.
  • Click on save to initiate.

Facebook App Download and Installation – Facebook Free Install: Install Facebook for Free on Your Device

How to Stop Facebook Ads on Mobile

If you are using a mobile phone, the same steps applies to you. Facebook Android version has the same view as the Desktop version, so follow the detailed steps shown above to delete Facebook ads from your timeline.