How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications with Mobile and Desktop

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications with Mobile and Desktop

Is your Facebook notifications becoming too noisy? Then you are at the right site to know how to turn off your Facebook notification with ease.

Facebook notification is a push reminder that appears on your phone or pc from Facebook, it reminds you of who liked your comments, who dropped a comment on your post, friend’s request suggestion, incoming messages and lots more. Moreover there are lots of things to be notified of on Facebook, but the subscriber will have to be the one to decide on what he or she wants to be notified off.

Moreover there are some basic things people receive notifications and they are: Facebook Messenger notification, Facebook friend request notification, lets see the list below:

Facebook Notification List

Here are the things that comes with Facebook Notification:

  • Facebook messages.
  • Birthday reminder
  • Facebook notification on friend request.
  • When someone likes your post.
  • When someone comments on your post.
  • Notification on Facebook new opportunities.
  • Facebook Page and Group notification.
  • And many more others

Importance of Facebook Notification

Moreover Facebook notification is important because

  • It helps us know when our friend are celebrating their birthdays, wedding anniversary, promotions etc.
  • It reminds us of friend’s request.
  • Know when someone accepts your friend suggestion
  • Find out who liked your post
  • Also find out who commented on your post.
  • There are chances you will find out when your page have received highest level
  • And many more others.

How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications

  • Open your browser and log on to
  • Proceed to enter our username and password.
  • Also visit your time line
  • Now, navigate to the right hand side of your screen and click on settings
  • Also select general setting from the list options.
  • in the list, scroll down to choose notification
  • Now turn off the notification that you don’t want to see.

How to Turn Off Facebook Notification on Mobile

If you are using a mobile phone to Facebook, and you equally have Facebook 2020 then you can easily Turn Off Facebook Notifications on Mobile and Desktop, just:

  • Open your browser or your Facebook app to log you into your Facebook account
  • Proceed to click on the three lines by the right; this accommodates other sub menu.
  • You are live on the options, choose settings.
  • Move down, almost at the bottom part to select notification
  • Now, choose the notifications to put off and when you are done, tap on save.


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How to Delete Facebook Notification Online

You can turn off your Facebook notification on When on the site, navigate the the settings icon and choose settings, moreover down to equally choose notification, proceed to turn your notifications off.

You see, that was easy, now note that, this is the easy way to turn off Facebook notification on desktop and on mobile for free.

I hope this article was very helpful to you? Please lets hear your thought at the comment section…