Makerere University Mastercard Scholarships – Application Form

Makerere University Mastercard Scholarships – Application Form

Privilege for young African students and residents to study in Uganda University, Makerere. Both African Males and Females, especially females are gathered here in order to be rendered an economic support. Mastercard foundation collaborated with Makerere university to provide support to financially unstable students from any part of African Country. You can show concern right now and possess a seat with application of makerere university mastercard scholarships.

Mastercard Foundation has made a provision to all African ladies and guys at an undergraduate level to proceed with their educational pursuit both in Art and Science faculties. It is a fully-funded grant for students from poor background and financially lagging parents whose situation cannot afford to fund educationally for their children. These students are now asked by Makerere university to come and claim their choice from any of the courses offered in this Uganda University.

In other words, these applicants should be sure that they haven’t been admitted in any other university or accepted by any other university. Your admission should only rely on this scholarship so that you can attain a leadership nurture. This is a great chance to apply now and study in an all expense-paid environment added with supportive devices plus offers, to help you attain success and perceive comfort during this journey.

However, this scholarship is a selfless award, due to that, international students residing in any African Country can also apply for Makerere University Mastercard Scholarship. Please note this: female child has greater chances of getting this scholarship by Makerere and Mastercard Foundation. 80% of this scholarship grants goes to all female child while the remaining is imposed on males and international residents. In addition to that, you have to apply and submit application before 15th May, 2020 which is for 2020/2021 academic session admission.


As described earlier, african students are the main base for this scholarship but International students has been included so that they can gain same knowledge acquired. More to that, students can as well learn from other culture and spend their days with mixed personalities. Making a foreign friend won’t be a bad idea, its also part of the training and learning. Get intimate with your acquisitions and facilitators to achieve to the peak of your route.

How to Apply

You apply online with the application documentations assigned to the application processing. Study the application demands once logged into the site and then apply with the scanned documents attached to the pointed surface of your application form. Input the required documents at the right spot during application and be sure of the submitted documents.

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It was pointed that any falsified document will face a penalty of total eviction by the owner and from the grantees. Scan and skim your documents thoroughly before you submit. Every submitted ID must be valid as at when submitted till when application processing will be through.


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Makerere University Mastercard Scholarship

The Makerere University scholarships and grants has another award offered to only girl child in Africa. Both projects were kicked-off since 2013 till date and still runs indefinitely. You are urged to apply for the mastercard foundation grant because its for both genders; male and female. If you think, you can’t go through this, there are other offered fully funded scholarships for students to study in any university aside African Universities. These can be a scholarship to study in US, German Development Scholarship, Scholarship to study in India, Scholarship for African Students and so much more, you can apply for any of these

Interestingly, you have from now till May to shoot your shot. Unveil your choice by either apply for makerere university mastercard scholarship or you go for other international scholarships for girl child. Scholarship for orphans is also available for interested applicants. But Makerere University scholarship has an adequate offer other than few outside scholarships. You will be offered technological devices and life supportive finances for 4 years. Head to


The application website is under construction now and cannot attend any scholarship application. To show your concern and utmost interest, write down your email address or phone number using the comment box below so that you can be informed on application commencement.