10 Reasons You’ve Never Had a Girlfriend

If you’re on this page, truth is you may be wondering to know the reasons you’ve never had a girlfriend! Some single guys may pretend like they do not care or do not even need a girlfriend. But the fact is several guys who have not been fortunate enough to score an awesome girl believe something is wrong with them. They stay alone and wonder what they are doing wrong.

If you’re a guy who has never had any ladylove, you might certainly have thought of the reasons behind it. Certainly, you have one or more of the following flaws, and understanding them can help change the game for you;

Real Reasons You’ve Never Had a Girlfriend

1. You have some hygiene problems

Every relationship starts with some level of common attraction. Love, at first sight, is nothing but just enticement that may turn into love later. If you are somebody who does not believe in personal hygiene and dressing up nicely, this may be why ladies are rejecting you.

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A lady can not jump at the chance to go out with a man that often has a permanent brown stain on his collar and unpleasant body odor. No woman would like to date a man who does not have an excellent dental sense or the faded idea of cleanliness and personal grooming. Practice decent hygiene, and you will start to see advancements over time. As a guy, learn to dress well, and maintain a good personal hygiene. It does not really insinuate that you should put on costly clothes and accessories; it implies that you should present yourself attractively and confidently in front of a lady.

2. You are always alone

Do not be the shy guy. You would be pleased if you could create a wish to have a ladylove from the convenience of your bedroom without going through all the social niceties. No lady is going to appear on your doorstep magically.

This is why it is important for you to socialize. It might be difficult for you, particularly for introverts. Nevertheless, it would be best if you take some action. Begin with a few peaceful outings and talk with people; this will educate you on approaching and speaking to ladies without being uneasy.

3. You think that you are not good enough

Know this that the world will see and behave toward you the way you see and treat yourself. If you are always busy digging out all the imperfection in yourself and possess no self-worth, then receiving a “Yes” from a woman can really turn out to be a difficult one. Your bad self-image and bad dignity never allow you to see the world beyond your uncertain fears. In order for you to receive love from others, you need to love yourself first completely. You cannot expect others to receive you as who you are when striving to accept your real self. If this tip sounds precisely like who you are, then this is possibly the most significant reason you are permanently glued to singlehood.

4. You think about yourself only

If the only individual you can ever think of, and the only person ruling your senses day and night is only ‘you,’ then no wonder you have not got a girlfriend yet. Not just about the girlfriend, it is difficult for self-occupied persons even to have real friends, because often, they put themselves first before anybody and anything else.

You have no idea how it feels to accomplish something good for other people just out of affection without wanting anything in return. No one would like to date a person who always dwell in taking care of only his necessities and life. A relationship requires attention and consideration from both of the partners in order to get healthy.

5. You are fake

Ladies possess an inbuilt fake sensor that will effectively detect even the smallest signs of fake in any man. Unfortunately, many guys nowadays create businesses out of pretense, and you, either intentionally or unknowingly, might be one of them. In as much as any lady can effortlessly be impressed on social media, it would not take much for her to know that you have been deceiving, particularly when she eventually meets you in real life. Men can also feign confidence until they reach a point where they cannot continue it any longer; and after that awkwardness comes in.

Another valid reason you have never had a ladylove might be merely because you fake to be something you are not. To overcome such a situation, you will first require to put a stop to the hypocrisy. Life will come to be more comfortable when you accept your existing position and begin working towards fulfilling more. You will also have to know that there are a lot of women who would love you for who you are. But the reason they are not actually feeling your vibe is that you are extremely involved in feigning to be somebody or something else. You will have to quit pretending, be good to yourself, and watch just how good life will be to you. You will even begin seeing women noticing you because you are not too involved in pretending.

6. You are arrogant

Regardless of how good-looking you are, no lady would like to be your girlfriend if you are regarded as somebody proud. Arrogance has been recognized to decrease interest faster than any other terrible trait. A man can be disrespectful for a sum of reasons.

For beginners, he might be proud simply because he has had his fair share of people fooling him. He might also be disrespectful because he is more prosperous than his friends and thus sees everyone else unimportant. Either way, you will have to perform an in-depth self-evaluation to see if pride is why you have never owned a girlfriend. If this is the case, take sometime and work on yourself so that in the end, you will turn out to be a much polite person who has no problem attracting the woman of his dreams. You can also look for means to be kind to your fellow human beings and watch just how much that will give you happiness and make you attractive. The good thing is that pride can be unlearned as long as you put your mind to it.

7. You are too pushy

If you are not shy, you might act totally in a different way. The fact is that you might be too pushy, which is also not a nice tactic when it comes to wooing girls. It is one thing to be the type of guy who exhibits that he understands what he wishes for and is not shy to get it. This is a desirable trait for all men out there. However, if you do not regard women’s boundaries, it is something else if you pursue them too hard. In this case, they might think of you as one kind of jerk or a stalker, which is not the picture you want to have. Most girls prefer commitment. They want a partner who will love them and who wishes for a deep connection with them.

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However, things like this take time. You cannot discuss marriage, children, or moving in together on the first date because that will send almost every girl away. Know that you cannot own everything all at once. When you meet a girl you want, do not be overly pushy. Rather than pushing her boundaries and moving too soon, let time do its magic. Take things gradually and watch where it will get you. Do not force girls into doing something they do not like. This is particularly the issue when it comes to sleeping together or taking some great steps towards your future together.

8. You have no confidence

Confidence matters a lot when it comes to women finding somebody desirable. If you have lost confidence in your capacity to get one girlfriend, it is not impressive. You need to have morale to actually ask a girl out. So work on yourself and self esteem and you will see improvement in your approach with women.

Signs a guy has never had a girlfriend

1. None of his hobbies entail many dealings with women

Hobbies are incredible. Many of us took up a hobby in the initial place so that we could meet people to date. But if his hobbies are almost completely male-dominated, such as fishing, motorsports, and astronomy, he could not get into these hobbies to meet ladies. He probably has not met too many girls doing them.

2. He is a mummy’s boy

Some men find it difficult to make decisions for themselves. They bank on others to decide what is right for them. Be it the clothing they put on, the spots they choose to go, and even select a friend for them, they often have somebody making these decisions. And, women do not fall for these kind of guys.

They love somebody having the qualities of a leader and who understands how to take care of themselves. That is the reason why the sports guys date the hottest babes on the earth. And, that is also might be the reason why no lady is curious about dating you.

3. He is not always online on Social Media like Facebook

According to a recent research, our time spent on Facebook is forty-nine percent looking at images of cute women, and fifty-one percent stalking our exes. If there are no exes to stalk, there is no need to come online on Facebook every day.

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4. He doesn’t know anything about girly drinks

Girls drink girly liquors. If he has no idea of what any of the girliest of girly drinks are, he possibly has not used up much time in the girls’ group.

And so, if you are out there and you’ve never had a girlfriend, this could be the possible reasons you have not succeeded. So take time to understand all the points here, and figure out the possible one attributed to you and work to improve yourself and it will be all success!