How to Start Blogging – Create Your Own Blog

How to Start Blogging – Create Your Own Blog

How to Start Blogging | We’ve become so acquainted with blogging these days that the word now seem like a cliché to us but I bet you don’t know as much about blogging as you claim you know.

How To Start Blogging

A blog or weblog is a website that updates news feeds frequently with the most recent feed appearing first as if in the case of writing a journal or a diary. Blogging is a very interesting business that requires time, effort and less money to start.

One thing about starting up a blog page is that you must be prepared to update feeds frequently meaning you must be ready to be up and doing to load up-to-date feeds for the interested audience.

If you write journals then you will easily understand what I mean but you can’t start blog page when you have no idea on what to write or what your blog page will be about. Hence, here are the steps to start a blog page.

Blogging Guide, How to Start Blogging

GET A BLOG TOPIC: for beginners, you don’t just jump into blogging because it’s fun but has a target. Get real; pick topics that are interesting and not something that bores you or the audience. Don’t just do it for the audience alone but for yourself. Make it something you enjoy. You don’t need a degree to start blogging neither do you need to be a pro all you need is passion and if you do simply get started. Pick topics like;

  • Childhood
  • Love
  • Parenthood
  • Teenagers and puberty
  • Food
  • Drugs etc.

PICK A DOMAIN: You choose the domain you like since you won’t want to make the “I wish I knew” statement. You mustn’t go for domains that everyone is using, be peculiar. You could go for the .com, or .net. You could use your name as the brand name something like or as you wish.

HOST YOUR BLOG: This is where users get to access and read your frequent updates and you begin getting the “on top of the world feelings (yeah, I know that feeling). That cannot be unless you get a domain and a company to host your weblog like the Blue host.

GET A BLOGGING PLATFORM: This is another task you mustn’t fail. A blog platform is a software you could build your blog examples are;

  • Word (the most widely used)
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Ghost
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • Drupal etc.

These blogging platforms or soft wares will register, install and guide you on how to build your blog page meaning you are not without help in this deal.