USA Green Card Online Application Form – Application Portal

USA Green Card Online Application Form – Application Portal

The U.S citizenship and Immigration Service permits immigrants to apply for a green card, meanwhile a green card is a permit that allows you to live and work permanently in U.S.A, without it, you’ve got only 30 days to stay in the U.S and see now the USA green card online application form.

So what would you like to do? Apply for a new green card or renew your green card, whichever, VisaVit will show you how to get your residence permit without much struggle.

Why You Need A Residence Permit?

  • To live freely in the United State.
  • Work in any organization or private firm and also to establishes business.
  • Entitles you right to live, school and work in the U.S

How Can You Qualify for Green Card?

  • Through Family – If you are married to a US citizen or a 21 year old child of a U.S citizen or if you are a parent to U.S citizen who is up to 21 year old.
  • Green Card through Crime Victims – If you are a victim of crime or abused and you are discovered by the U.S immigration department and haven proven that you are under such trait.
  • Through Employment – If you have an extraordinary skills especially in the area of science, business, education or athletics or if you belong to a professional group and you requires an advanced degree or you’ve got an employment to work permanently in the United state
  • Special Immigrant – if you are coming to work for a non-profit organization, a journalist coming to work in the united states in any Media department.
  • Through Refugee
  • Green Card for Human Trafficking
  • Through Registry – You are counted eligible if you have been visiting the United State without finding a trait and have done this since 1972
  • Other Categories.

How to Apply for a U S Green Card ?

If you are ready to apply or renew your residence permit, you can file your application at the USA citizenship and Immigration service website, make sure you review your eligibly status before you can proceed with your application. Mind you, you are to apply using the form that appeals to you, do not apply using a form by employment when you have come in as a refugee victim.

More so, for those renewing their resident permit, kindly use the form that concerns that to apply, do not use the form for a new application when you are applying for a renew.

USA Diversity Immigrant Program

The U.S diversity visa are considered as visa lottery given to such countries who has a low late of immigration into the United states, people in such category are given via to come and study, work, and live in the united State

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • A foreign citizen from a country that doesn’t have much record of immigration to the US each year. If your country doesn’t have much record of people coming from it to the United states then you are counted eligible for application. How do you know? The United state department of state, usually bring out the list of eligible countries each year, so you are to check that out. However, if you realized that your country is not eligible to apply as a result of this, there are also two other ways to apply irrespective of that:

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As a Result of Marriage

If your spouse is born in the United States or has a permit, you can claim your spouse’s right as being born or residing in the country. However, you must be sure that your marriage certificate indicates clearly your marital union.


You can be eligible if your parents are not from the country where you are not eligible to apply. You can therefore claim the country of your parent birth.

  • Applicants must have evidence of working knowledge, have got a minimum high school school qualification or have a good working experience.

Find out more about the 2020 USA Diversity immigrant visa at