Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook Page & Group

Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook Page & Group – Facebook Likes on a Page, Group, Event, and Timeline makes sense for your business to acquire targeted position, place or area, and reach the targeted audience. After a series of research on ways to get more likes on Facebook, we finally arrived at the best conclusion.

Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook Page & Group

  • Targeting Interests

This is likely the most common way to advertise on Facebook, create your ads’ design and target it to people that have interests related to your product or industry.

The tough part here is to understand which Interests your customers have. Sometimes this is extremely simple, sometimes it can be tricky. The most simple way to discover relevant interests is to use Facebook Graph Search. Performing a simple search like “Pages liked by people who like “MYPAGE” will provide many useful suggestions.

Another powerful way to find related interests is to use the recently released Audience Insights tool. It allows you to analyze common patterns among an audience. You can, for instance, analyze job titles, education, common likes of your Facebook fans or any other audience like people with a specific interest or part of a custom audience.

  • Facebook Audience Insights

Using the standard precise interests targeting you’ll reach any user that likes at least one of the pages/interests you selected.

This strategy allows you to reach a very broad audience and can be extremely effective as our data proved. The only downside is that you could be targeting some Facebook Pages that bought fake Likes thus targeting thousands of fake users. In the best case scenario, you’ll only waste some money displaying ads to bots. In the worst case, those bots could click “Like” on your ads and become your fans.

  • Targeting Interests intersection

Facebook recently released a new, extremely interesting way to target precise interests. Instead of targeting anyone who has any of the interests you picked, you can now target only those users that have all the interests listed, basically applying an And logic instead of an OR one.

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In the first example, we’re targeting people that like either Nike or Adidas and we’re potentially reaching 17,800,000 users. In the second example, we’re targeting only those users that like both Nike and Adidas with a much lower (but more focused) reach of 5,200,000 users.

This method of targeting the intersection of multiple interests can be extremely useful to target only users that are really interested in your product/market. Unluckily, to make it work correctly, the interests you’re using will need to have a very large number of Likes; otherwise, the intersection will be too small.

In our test, we had to use only two interests (Jon Loomer & Hootsuite) as adding a third one would have zeroed our potential reach. Still, also with two interests, the reach was pretty small and likely increased the cost per Like.

Also, keep in mind that interests intersection is not available right now neither in the Ads Manager or Power Editor.

  • Customers’ Custom Audience

This tactic has a more limited reach but is extremely effective to populate your Page with highly engaged users. All you have to do is create a Custom Audience by uploading to Facebook the emails of all your customers, leads or newsletter subscribers and targeting them with advertising to have them like your page.

The upside is that these users already know your brand so they’re very likely to like your page and engage with the content shared in the future. The downside is that you’re not acquiring new customers but only existing ones.

Overall, targeting your customers through Custom Audiences to get more Facebook Likes is highly suggested, especially if you have a business with a lot of repeated purchases.

  • Customers’ Lookalike Audience

We just saw targeting existing customers through Custom Audiences is very effective but has a low reach and doesn’t lead to new customers. Luckily there’s more you can do with Custom Audiences: you can create Lookalike Audiences!

Creating a Lookalike audience out of your customers will allow you to target your Facebook Ads to people who are extremely similar to your customers. No need to find interests, age ranges or other patterns. Facebook will handle everything for you, analyzing your customers for common patterns and returning a list of new users very similar to them.

  • Incorporate effective Videos

Adding video ads to your campaigns is proven to improve performance. For example, the combination of a video + static image has the power to increase conversions by 1.3X. (Remember: it’s not just about the number of Likes but how they translate into real growth for your business!)

  • Pose a question in your Ad

Research shows that interactive content is 81% more likely to catch a viewer’s eye than a passive post. That’s why 53% of marketers aim for quizzes, polls, competitions, and more — and this figure is expected to rise.

Posing a question in your ad is a great way to pique your followers’ curiosity as Zumper does below:

  • Write catchy headlines

Effective ad copy is challenging to write. But if you can figure out how to do it well, you can gain an edge over your competitors—and increase your number of Likes.

  • Start with your headline

On average, 5x as many people read a post’s headline as the full text. If you can publish headlines that catch your followers’ attention in their cluttered feeds, you are well on your way to more Likes!

Food52 uses a great tactic, the shortcut listicle, to generate a buzz:

When using this tactic, remember: Facebook needs a good amount of data to run its algorithms and find relevant common patterns. I’d suggest you use this targeting only once you have at least 5,000/10,000 customers or newsletter subscribers in your Custom Audience and always optimize your Lookalike Audience for similarity rather than reach.

  • Facebook Page Lookalike

Finally, the last tactic we studied today still involves Lookalike audiences, but with a different twist – using a recently introduced feature.

While in the past you could only create a Lookalikes of a Custom Audience, today you can create Lookalike audiences also from a Facebook Conversion Pixel or from your Facebook Page’s fan. This can be extremely useful if you don’t have many customers but already invested time in creating a lively community on Facebook.

The same rules seen before apply here. Don’t use this strategy if your Page doesn’t have at least 5,000/10,000 likes, or the Lookalike won’t be reliable. Remember the more likes you have, the better Facebook will find similar people so if this tactic is not working for you currently, you may want to try it again a year from now when you’ll have a higher number of Likes.