10 Top Universities In USA | Find The Best Universities In USA To Study

US Universities – The List Of Best And Top Universities In USA To Study

Are you a student, with the dream study in United States Of America? Such dream could be overwhelming. In this article, we have presented you with the top Universities in USA which you can find and study there-in US. All of which are good and offers a high quality education, with student welfare-oriented mindset.

Interestingly, the top and best Universities in USA is not limited to the list provided here. Below are the list of universities you can find and study in US; Top Universities In USA to study

1. Harvard University

Harvard University made it first in our list of 10 top universities in USA. It is probably the best-known university in the world and as well the oldest higher education institution in the USA.

It was founded in 1636, and usually comes top in the reputation rankings most years.
worthy of recognition is Harvard’s recent efforts to reduce the economic barriers for prospective low-income students.

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2. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology (CalTech) has an impressive number of successful graduates and affiliates, relative to the tiny size of the students population.

In CalTech, all first-year students belong to one of four houses as part of the university’s alternative model to fraternities. There are a number of house traditions and events associated with each house.

There is a huge focus on science and engineering across the six faculties in the Institution.


3. Cornell University Top Universities In USA

Among the top universities in USA is Cornell University. The University is an Ivy League member based in Ithaca, New York. Ranked 17th in the world this year, Cornell awarded the world’s first degree in journalism and was the first among US universities to offer a major in American Studies.

A small city with a college town feel, the moderately expensive Ithaca, has a highly educated population and a vibrant cultural scene, with a historical commitment to professional studies.


4. University Of Washington

Among the oldest and largest universities on the West Coast, this highly regarded “Public Ivy” guarantees a full ride to low-income Washingtonians with the chops to get in through its “Husky Promise” program.

The University is consistently ranked among the top 15 universities in the world by a variety of international publications.

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5. Yale University

The school that produced more presidential candidates in the last three decades than any other doesn’t just cater to the upper crust, joining a select few universities practicing need-blind admissions and committed to meeting every student’s demonstrated financial need.

Yale University is ranked 15th in the world this year and is one of the oldest US universities, having been founded in 1701. In 1861, Yale awarded the first PhD in the United States. It has produced many notable alumni, including five US presidents and 13 billionaires.


6. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is ranked 18th in the world and was founded by one of the US’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. It is consistently highly ranked and highly regarded across the board, with a particularly strong reputation in the life sciences and medicine.

Offering students a host of historical sites and cultural opportunities, the university carries out the vision of increasing access to a practical liberal arts education through its “no-loan” financial aid policy.

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7. University Of Chicago

The University of Chicago has a very strong academic reputation and practices need-blind admissions while committing to meet the full demonstrated financial need of every student for the entirety of their undergraduate careers.

University of Chicago is ranked 10th in the world, and is highly regarded for both arts and sciences courses.


8.  Stanford University

Known for its entrepreneurial character and business courses, Stanford has had a prominent role in encouraging the high-tech industry to develop in the area. The University comes second in the world for engineering and technology, after MIT.

Many faculty members, students and alumni have founded successful technology companies and start-ups, including Google, Snapchat and Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo!, Instagram.


9. Princeton University

Princeton was established in 1746 and is particularly prestigious in the arts and humanities. The university offers generous financial aid to ensure talented students from all walks of life are able to attend.

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10. Rice University

Rice University is another University that made it in our list top Universities in USA. A small research university known for its research and programs in the applied sciences, the school also has a strong commitment to undergraduate education, operating on a residential college system with a student-enforced Honor Code that allows for all tests and exams to be taken home and completed unsupervised and at the student’s convenience.