2021 Canadian Visa Lottery Program – Apply For FREE

2021 Canadian Visa Lottery Program – Apply For FREE

2021 Canadian Visa LotteryDo not be left out in the year Canadian visa lottery, especially if this is your dream – living in the Canadian Land. Knowing that this kind of opportunity hardly come-by, what are you waiting to prepare yourself for the Canadian Visa Lottery 2021. Avail yourself the chance and apply, should you excel and is selected at the end of the day, you automatically migrates (moves) to the country of your dream.

It is worthy of note that 2021 Canadian Visa Lottery is not the only opportunity ever available, in case it is not your dream, there other available countries who run Visa lottery program, but for the purpose of precision, we designed this article specifically to enlighten you about Canadian Visa Lottery 2021

The Canada Green Card (Visa) Membership program objectives:

#. Provide assistance to all active Green Card members.
#. To randomly select one winner every day.
#. Provide financial assistance to the winners.
#. To assist the lack of skilled workers in the Canadian market.
#. To help CIFA Canada Green Card members to relocate their families and integrate themselves into our Canadian society. Thus allow our economical growth.
#. Assist CIFA Canada Green Card subscribers and their family members to fulfill their dream of living in Canada.
#. Turn dreams into reality.
#. To offer a unique chance for each and every individual to immigrate to Canada. Irrespective of your marital status (Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed, Separated, etc)

How To Apply 2021 Canadian Visa Lottery Program

#. In order to participate, applicants must fill out online Canada Green (Visa) card membership application

#. In the form, educational information is requested, personal information and technical information as well. This allows for proper evaluation and efficient provision of service and also as a proof of eligibility for the applicant into Canada.

N/B: Visit http://www.canadavisa.com
Fill in the online Application Form (providing necessary information as mentioned below)
Click on the “Submit” icon

Eligibility & Criteria For 2021 Canadian Visa Lottery

The eligibility evaluation is based on the following criteria;

1. Education
2. Age
3. Language ability
4. Work Experience
5. Adaptability

Anyone who emerges successful and selected through the Visa lottery program will automatically gain Green Card and be ready to move to Canada.

2021 Canadian Visa Lottery Program | Types Of Visa Available.

Most countries run the below listed categories of Visa among other numerous Visa for immigrants; Nevertheless, all of them of which can be grouped into – immigrant Visa and Non-Immigrant Visa program. They include among others;

Tourist Visa
Business Visa
Pilgrimage Visa
Study Visa
Visitor visa
Diplomat Visa
Transit Visa
Farm Worker Visa
Skilled Worker Visa


Do not pay money or any form of gratification to anyone, person or group asking you to do so in order for you to participate or be included in the Canadian Visa Lottery Winners. There is no such thing, and anyone asking you to do so is only but a scammer!

Remember we are always here to enlighten you about 2021 Canadian Visa Lottery, so always re-visit for updates and info! Please share this on your social media platforms, among friends and others in order for them to participate. Thank you.