How To Apply For 2017 UNICAF Scholarship.

If you are looking for means for studying abroad, indeed your prayers have been today answered. This is because UNICAF Scholarship has thrown open its application for eligible candidates.

Candidates can now apply to study in Europe and have their undergraduates ad post graduates degree.

Before i go into the methods for applying for UNICAF Scholarship, let me us look at what UNICAF Scholarship is all about.

This is a programme that has the sole aim of helping people who are really academically talented to study in some well known universities that are situated in African countries, European countries and in the United Kingdom at a subsidized rate.

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This scholarship also helps students to get one of the best education in the entire world, and get the students armed with the necessary academic qualification and knowledge to get a better job in the future or still yet be an employer of labor.

There are so many advantages that you stand to get if you get this scholarship. Lets us see these advantages.
1. It can be studied online, thereby giving you the full chance to attend to other needs of life.

2. The Masters degree that you are to get is British issued and is recognized any where in the world. So far, there are thousands of students that have studied using UNICAF Scholarship.
3. More than 80% of the tuition fee will be payed and the remaining one can be paid through installment by you on monthly basis.

4. UNICAF Scholarship is meant for Online Studies only. Be guided!

5. It should be noted that this UNICAF Scholarship is not entirely free, the programme pays about more than 80% of

the tuition fee while the candidate completes the rest.

Eligibility for the UNICAF Scholarship.

To qualify to get enrolled in any of the UNICEF Scholarship programme, you must attain all the following:

1. You must meet the requirements for the individual study that you are to embark on.

2. Must be disposed to start study within six months that the admission would be given to you.

3. Required an accredited Bachelors degree. Albeit, some professional qualifications might be looked into. However, extensive professional experience may be given a consideration for a student to be admitted.

4. It is required that candidates applying for this should have at least two years of post -graduate work experience.

5. Official transcripts from all universities, colleges, or other post secondary education with trade school inclusive. An official electronic transcript can also accepted.

6. A Personal statement from the applicant.

7. The applicant must be proficient in English Language.If the applicants first degree were taught in English Language, the candidate must satisfy all the English Language requirements. Or the student will have to present

a GCSE score that has a minimum grade of ‘C” or IELTS that has the score of 6.5 or a grade of ”C” which is a minimum at the masters English placement test that can be taken online before this scholarship is awarded.

8. You are to be an earner of a salary or income that is below $20,000 per annum.

How To Apply For UNICAF Scholarship.

Applying for UNICEF Scholarship is so simple. Just take the few steps below:

1.  Log on to the official website CLICK HERE
2. Fill in the form at the right hand side of the homepage.
3. Click on Apply Now button.

Each scholarship application is examined and decided upon, depending on the qualifications and the financial situation of the applicant. Eligible students will be contacted via Email.

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