Download Yandex App – Free Yandex Android Mail App.

Download Yandex App for your Android Smartphone and enjoy all the features of Yandex Mail App just on a tap with your phone in your palm.

Yandex as one of the leading email service platforms, enable you send and receive email messages across other email service providers such as Google Gmail, Yahoomail etc.

In a way to make sending and receiving of mail more convenient, Yandex developed the free Yandex Android mail app, which is available to all Android phone users. All you need do is to download the app, install and start using.

But then, before you will be able to use this App, you must have created Yandex email account….which is also for FREE!


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After creating or registering Yandex email account, simply head for the link below in order to download Yandex App, install it and start enjoying the benefits and features that come with the mail App.

Why You Should Download Yandex App – Features;

1. Yandex Mail App will enable you send and receive mails from the comfort of your mobile phone.

2. The app comes with push notifications so you wouldn’t have to check mails manually.

3. Download Yandex mail app and enjoy the convenience of searching your messages for easy reading.

4. It lets you group messages subject by subject.

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5. With the Yandex mail App you can filter email messages by label including “Unread”, or “Flagged”

6. You can simply manage your Yandex Mail for domain mailboxes.

7. Send and receive attachments such as photos, mp3 files, docs and more.

There are so many other benefits and features to enjoy once you download Yandex mail app for your Android smartphone.

Yandex also offers you enough message space so you don’t have worry about deleting your messages to free up spaces. This and much more comes with Yandex and its mail app.

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