See Effects Of Donald Trump Ban Order On Travel Demand

Effects Of Donald Trump Ban Order On Travel Demand.

Effects Of Donald Trump Ban Order On Travel Demand – On Sunday, IATA sent an email to member airlines, asking for examples of Green Card holders being denied boarding. It also said it was seeking more information from authorities in Washington.

Nicoley Baublies (from the German Cabin crew union) said the uncertainty over the order was not supportive. “Trump reacts in 140 characters, we don’t know what it means – for people with the wrong entries in their passports or with dual nationality or married to someone from one of the countries affected, are they allowed to travel?”

There are also concerns the restrictions could dampen travel demand.

“Ultimately this could feed through to the role airlines play in the global economy in supporting business and tourism due to as yet unquantifiable impacts on demand & cost,” Strickland said.

Baublies said airlines were usually among the first affected by global crises. “We hope it doesn’t mean that seats are left empty because people don’t know where they can travel with which passport.”

Dubai-based Emirates and Etihad Airways are both owned by the governments of the United Arab Emirates, a U.S. ally and Muslim-majority country.

Both carriers said they would continue to comply with the new rules on U.S. immigration but where possible would offer to refund or re-book affected passengers.

Emirates and Etihad have also said that passengers were affected by the ban over the weekend but their flight crews had not been impacted.

Qatar Airways declined to comment on the impact of the ban on flight operations, although on Saturday it issued a statement on its website that passengers would need a green card or diplomatic visa to enter the U.S. Emirates and Etihad issued similar statements.

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