Facebook Love Stories – How to Make Facebook Stories | Cute Love Story For Facebook

Do you know that the Facebook platform has gone so wild that you can share Facebook love stories around the social media platform? The internet has become more effective in so many ways and with this, you can build up a long term relationship with someone right on the platform. So this platform many stories have been told on how people started up a long term relationship that ended up to marriage from the internet social media platform.

The Facebook love story is actually a feature on the main Facebook platform in which it allows you to show out your stories life with either pictures or video been made by you, however if you have a love story life you can eventually use the Facebook tory feature to share it with you loved ones on the social media platform.

The Facebook love story allows you to create a storyline which is been displayed right on your timeline for people on the social media platform to view and also interact with using the comment features and also the emoji features.

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On you Facebook story you can actually decide to share a photo, video or even create an awesome post about your experiences in your love life affair which will only be visible for a whole 24 hours and will be removed out of the story timeline, if only you get to update more every day for viewers on the platform to see.

How to Share Your Love Story on Your Timeline Status

To share your Facebook love story on your timeline you can decide to create your own Facebook love stories with photo or video. In other to share your Facebook love story here are the few steps to follow;

  • Go to your Facebook account using the link www.facebook.com.
  • Then you click the “stories” section on the top of your Facebook page.
  • Then click “see all” and after that click the icon + add to your story.
  • Update your Facebook love story; just click Photo/Video to add a photo or video from your device manager.
  • Next, on your Story, select the privacy of your love story whether to be posted publicly or privately.
  • Then click post.

However you are done completing the action, you uploaded story will be seen on the Facebook social media platform. Remember you can as well customize your story to look more attractive and awesome so people can watch.

Tools to Add to Your Facebook Love Stories

In other to add tools to your Facebook story you can use the creative tools to make your story timeline convincing and touching by adding music to the background of the video been uploaded. Follow these steps below to see how you can add the tools.

  • Go to your Facebook app on your device and click +add to story.
  • Then select the video you uploaded from the camera roll and click music.
  • Search for the song you want to upload.
  • Click Done.

However you are done with that the song will appear and been played in the story content you uploaded on your timeline, then you can edit it by changing the style or size then after that you can click Share and that’s how you make a Facebook love story right on the platform.