Facebook Messenger – All about Facebook Messenger Last Knife Game

Facebook Messenger – All about Facebook Messenger Last Knife Game: Welcome! In this content am going to take you through Last Knife Game that will give you a better boost on your scores and get all your friends wondering. This game is popular among players all around the world. Over 6.5 million players play this game on Facebook and the competitive spirit is very high. I love it you would say!

This blistering reflex-based arcade deals with players continuously throwing knives at a rotating wooden circle which is at other times rotating with apples that have knives pierced into them. Last Knife is absolutely one game you can’t get your hands and your mind off once you start playing.

It is very synonymous to the game “Fruit Ninja”. As you throw the knife at objects presented to you, you get scores for it. Obtaining a high score isn’t as easy as it sounds but with these great ideas of mine, you will surely get through.

Last Knife Game Hacks

Last Knife has very interesting hacks you can use to beat your friends and enjoy being at the top of the game. Here they are;

  • Strike steadily to hit your target (take caution just in case a knife stuck to an apple appears)
  • Wait for two seconds before you take another shot. It helps give you better accuracy (do this consecutively by counting one and two before you strike)
  • Increase the speed of your count with refers to the speed of the rotating circle.

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How to Play Last Knife Game

The game is a target based game which demands you throwing a virtual knife at a wood like virtual circle or at any object presented to you. The rules are pretty simple. Here they are;

  • You are required to hit your targets before the exhaustion of your knives (failure to do so, it’s game over)
  • When apples appear on the circle, try your best to hit them because they will give you bonuses you can use to buy other knives

    How to Play Last Knife Game

  • Avoid hitting the knives displayed on your screen so you don’t end your game
  • Once you meet the criteria above, you can now move to the next level.

Why is my Facebook Messenger not working?

The “Facebook Messenger down” issue might happen if the cache file is corrupted or getting out of hand. Though, the cache allows your apps to store some data temporarily, which makes them run faster and use few resources; but you should clear it when it’s causing the Messenger app to malfunction.

How do I fix Messenger on my iPhone?

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working on iPhone:
  1. Give Your iPhone a Restart. …
  2. Close the Messenger Application. …
  3. Check for Updates for the App. …
  4. Check for Outages with the App. …
  5. Delete the Messenger App and Reinstall. …
  6. For Wi-Fi Users. …
  7. Turn Off Wi-fi and Turn it Back On. …
  8. Forget the Network.